Rahu Ketu

Rahu Ketu

Concerned over the rising death of low-caste people in a remote town in India, the Central Bureau of Investigation assigns this task to Inspector Ravi Kapoor and instructs him to go incognito to investigate these deaths. Upon arrival, Ravi is received by Collector Rahu Nath, to whom Ravi introduces himself as a Horticulturist. Thereafter Ravi lives in a small house that was owned by a man named Mohandas, who had died under mysterious circumstances. Mohandas' children, Tulsi and her brother live there now. Ravi and Tulsi fall in love with each other, Ravi offers them all possible protection if Tulsi and her brother help him with the investigation, to which Tulsi agrees. Before Ravi could take any steps he is arrested by the local Police Inspector Thakur and lodged in a cell. And the only way he can get out by revealing his identity - which can seriously jeopardize the entire investigation.

Concerned over the rising death of low-caste people in a remote town in India, the Central Bureau of Investigation assigns this task to Inspector Ravi Kapoor and instructs him to go ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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