Rain Dogs

Rain Dogs

A rites-of-passage film from Malaysia, Ho Yuhang's film takes a lyrical approach to a young man's recognition of the violence and harshness of life.

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Rain Dogs torrent reviews

Spencer R (es) wrote: Better. I still could have made these movies better with my eyes closed.

John R (jp) wrote: It it had a better script, better direction, better actors and wasn't so boring, this would be a great movie.

Fiona C (ru) wrote: Tight but predictable.

Aaron T (de) wrote: Downgraded animation; check. Adorable child characters; check. Shoe horned romance plot; check. Yep, this has crappy Disney sequel written all over it.

Parth S (ag) wrote: It touches me so much. Just love it.

Private U (ru) wrote: that bolo is a bad man

Terry M (jp) wrote: Althought dated, still very enjoyable. Plenty of action to keep you entertained.

Harry W (de) wrote: I didn't know what to expect from Diner, but considering that it had a young Mickey Rourke as one of its principle cast members it sounded worth a shot.Diner doesn't have any precise story direction. It explores various characters in the final week of 1959 as they cross over into the adult world, but it doesn't follow a consistent path. Diner simply occurs over the course of various episodes, but this results the story feeling unbalanced and rather insensible. I didn't walk away from Diner having really learned anything from the coming of age experience because the focus was so scattered and everything felt messy. There was quite a few things to take in from Diner which was simply not what I got because when I was trying to figure it out, suddenly the story was somewhere else. I wasn't exactly sure what was happening or why it was because it was always shifting in tones and intentions, and so I didn't find that Diner was a consistent film and stretched on its tedious plot structure for a bit too long over its course of its 105 minute running time.Also, the story just isn't the most interesting. While Diner has some interesting themes to it which deal with the characters transitioning into adulthood as the world changes around them, the more interesting characters tend to play second fiddle to the less interesting ones. For example, the characters Robert "Boogie" Sheftell and Timothy "Fen" Fenwick Jr. portrayed by Mickey Rourke and Kevin Bacon respectively were the most appealing to me simply because I found them to be the standout actors, but they receive much less screen time than actors like Steve Guttenberg and Daniel Stern who simply fail to establish the same kind of charisma and generally interesting charm that the aforementioned two actors do. The focus in Diner is scattered as it is, but a lot of it isn't really focused on the more interesting characters. And this leaves the 110 minute running time to run even longer and have less impact. Frankly, a lot of the ideas in Diner were more effective back in the day, but by contemporary standards it is merely a series of episodes that have been covered many other times in more interesting context and with more success. Frankly, Diner is a largely long and boring feature which has some entertaining and thought provoking moments but is fairly rudimentary as a whole.I guess the problem is that in Diner all of the characters go off and do their own thing a lot and there isn't enough focus on all of them interacting as a group, and if that had have been the case then it could have been a more effective experience. But that wasn't what I got, so Diner isn't one of the best coming of age films I've seen.Although, Diner is a sophisticated film that refuses to fall into predictable territory like a brat pack film and makes the effort to remain an intelligent feature all throughout. Thanks to Barry Levinson, Diner does have some thought provoking scenes. His Academy Award nominated screenplay manages to put some depth into the characters and implores a lot of realism into the story, and frankly I easily walked away from Diner having learned a few things. Barry Levinson's script is an insightful one, and he manages to give a strong treatment to it which establishes that its strongest qualities are capitalised on in Barry Levinson's vision.Diner is also shot nicely on some appealing locations, and frankly for a low budget film it manages to do quite a bit.The performances in Diner manage to be one of the main sources of successMickey Rourke's youthful charm makes the film a very nostalgic one. Considering the long ride that the actor has taken since then which eventually led to an Academy Award nomination for his flawless lead performance in The Wrestler, to look back at him in Diner, to look at his young face and feel his skills as an actor building and developing is really a treat. In Diner he is arguably the most interesting actor because he manages to put depth into his material and deliver his lines with a sense of genuine realism to it. Mickey Rourke works the material with his best strength, and it is no surprise that his performance is a strong one.Kevin Bacon is a legendary actor who is one of the best never to have been nominated for an Academy Award, and to look back at him early on and see him interacting with so many other cast members with his natural charisma to make audiences laugh and think is just refreshing. Kevin Bacon's youthful talent was at some of its best in the 1980's, and considering that his career has recently gone through a resurgence, it is great to look back and see where it all started.Steve Guttenberg whose career was at its highest during the 1980's reminds us why in Diner because his meaningful and effective performance shows him working with mature and serious material without problem. He is key to the success of the cast in Diner, and he manages to work the material naturally without problem.Daniel Stern and Paul Reiser also manage to make strong supporting efforts as they each hold their own on a screen full of big names and a lot of talent by each contributing something of their own to the role with their respective acting skills.Ellen Barkin's small amount of screen time manages to utilise some of her better acting skills, so she makes a good supporting presence as part of the cast in Diner.So although the focus in Diner is all over the place and it feels like the more interesting characters in the film play second fiddle to the less interesting ones, it contains a thought provoking script from Barry Levinson and a talented cast which manages to ensure that its coming of age themes are effective.

Bruce B (nl) wrote: 3 movie shorts with the great Sophia Loren and other Italian actors. Its all in Italian and has English subtitles. The first story is the best she sells cigarettes on the black market when police come to arrest her she is with child, in Italy if you pregnant you can go to jail so each time the law comes to arrest her she is again with child 8 children later, kind of funny the other 2 shorts leave a lot to be desired. 3 stars 11-8-12

Larissa P (ru) wrote: Lost the count of how many times I've watched it, and I'm sure that even though Jimmy Dean had lived to act in many other successful movies, this would still be regarded as his iconic trademark. It's the cry of a generation.

Trevor A (fr) wrote: The latest version of the 39 steps was shown a few months back and stars Rupert Penry-Jones in the lead role. All of the versions of 39 steps differ slightly in terms of story and ending. However, this still proves to be an enjoyable watch as with all of the 39 steps films. It was nice to see another updated version of the film. However, for me, the 1935 version will always be the best.

Christopher V (ru) wrote: Interesting but kinds slow moving. Wondering how Gardner got the money.

Matt B (fr) wrote: Only the most die hard rom-com enthusiasts will enjoy The Holiday, Nancy Meyers's follow-up to Something's Gotta Give (which is much much better). Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet are charming but act SO OVER-THE-TOP. They cry obnoxiously. They talk obnoxiously. They also talk to themselves out loud in so many scenes it's annoying.I saw The Holiday with all girls, and the entire time all I could hear from them was "Awwwwww. Oh my God that's so sweet. Jude Law is GORGEOUS!" That says enough about the movie. Guys, I don't think you'll like it.