Raising Cain

Raising Cain

When neighborhood kids begin vanishing, Jenny suspects her child psychologist husband, Carter, may be resuming the deranged experiments his father performed on Carter when he was young. Now, it falls to Jenny to unravel the mystery. And as more children disappear, she fears for her own child's safety.

The film revolves around a highly regarded child psychologist, Dr. Carter Nix who suffers from multiple personality disorder consisting of Cain, a street hustler, Josh, a shy 10-year-old boy, and Margo, a middle-aged nanny. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel V (mx) wrote: Im not gonna see this movie twice!.. The story deserved a much bigger production, with a little bit more pace to it.. Good villain.. 1.5/5

Bryn D (br) wrote: O.V.R 5/10 Nice mystery but lacks any sort of conclusion by the instigators, they just seem to have given up

Guadalupe L (kr) wrote: Second Saturday night movie. Love this guy. Take note, you young ones...you are not as wild as you think..everything has been tried already!

Brain C (fr) wrote: This is "Meet the parents" except with an African American family and takes things alot further than meet the parents would go. I wasn't expecting much from this film at first but it is grade A material for a comedy and actually holds its own against "Meet the Parents"

Julie K (ag) wrote: um dos melhores documentrios brasileiros que j vi. grandes nomes entrevistados e declaraes fantsticas, alm de uma fotografia magnfica, escandalosa de to perfeita (bem, sendo dirigido por um diretor de fotografia, tudo fica mais fcil)!

Tiny T (br) wrote: Guilty pleasure of mine :).

Ricky W (gb) wrote: Only thing missing from this one is a fight featuring the Aussie Thug himself, Russell Crowe!

Andrey B (gb) wrote: Trashy gangster film about depression era band, consisted of Ma and her 4 boys, interesting for the role of young De Niro.

Chris H (nl) wrote: A slick and entertaining sword and sandal adventure that unfortunately struggles to develop interesting characters and suffers from a poorly conceived third act.

Shacyra J (fr) wrote: The folks who gave it bad ratings based on what the movie was about are emotionally stunted and have low IQs, and are exactly why American anthropology ought to be a requisite course throughout high school.

Betsy F (br) wrote: Dec 2016 - ummmm....

Milorad K (kr) wrote: One of the most dramatic, and most shocking movies ever made. Phenomenal in all of the aspects. One of the best foreign movies ever to be recorded!