Raising Jeffrey Dahmer

Raising Jeffrey Dahmer

Based on the true story of the mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, the events within the family behind, and leading up to, his capture

Based on the true story of the mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer, the events within the family behind, and leading up to, his capture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caitlin L (fr) wrote: Great movie. Love the action and romance. Hope they do more of them.

Juan P (ru) wrote: Phenomenal imagery of our universe

Henry F (ca) wrote: Oh yeah, real 'moral dilemna'Kill 3 terrorists getting on their suicide bomb vests before they go out and kill about 80 marketplace people apiece, OR, let kill them at the expense of one person (made to be a cute, lovable, adorable little girl).There may be good 'moral issue' movies out there' , but this isn't one of them - unless you're 16 and live in a fairyland where you can stop bad people without ever, ever inadvertently hurting the innocent.

Jennifer K (es) wrote: This will be a good DVD pick...

Brandon L (ca) wrote: Don't be fooled by the films plot or poster,there is very little action to speak of and what is present is really bland. I really wanted to like this movie but it was like the filmmakers couldn't decide what type of film they wanted to make. One mintue someones finger is being graphically cut off and the next is filled with campy attempts at humor. In a world full of critics and audiences whining about every thing in films,I try to enoy movies as a standlone experience annd take them for what they're worth in their own right. Seeing as how I'm not a professional actor I also try not to overly criticize an actors or actresses performance though the acting in this film isn't the problem.

Chris C (de) wrote: It may not quite live up to its predecessor, but American Pie 2 definitely delivers plenty of hilarious, raunchy laughs as an entertaining sequel.

Rhea F (kr) wrote: This was a very easy movie to watch. Good morals and just enough romance and comedy. I will watch this movie again and it will find its way into my video library. A good feeling movie.

Sam M (gb) wrote: Too much acting and a lot of it is poor.

Gareth W (de) wrote: Jimmy Buffett and Linda Ronstadt what else can you say

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Carne is a visceral and shocking arthouse short story, a solid forty-minute prelude to No's fantastic full-length film I Stand Alone, superbly edited and crafted like no other director would.

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Frankie M (es) wrote: FunnyViewer discretion is advised

Crista T (it) wrote: Future Movie night rental.

DONALD A (ca) wrote: Although the premise was outstanding and the stalker point of view solid, the ending was lackluster and really could have used some elaboration. How did he hack the cameras? Why her? Are there others? Who was it? would be among a few questions this film needed to answer.