• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rajadhani 1994 full movies, Rajadhani torrents movie

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Rajadhani torrent reviews

Josh O (ca) wrote: Happy Christmas is an enjoyable film about stunted maturity. Joe Swanberg directs one his most commercial efforts yet with a delightful performance from the lovely Anna Kendrick. The rest of the cast is solid with director himself and the underrated Melanie Lynskey. Not much going on plot wise but a nice little detour in your day if you have the time.

Tommaso C (fr) wrote: Ok, prima o poi trover un film giappo che mi piace almeno un po', non possibile che tutti ci vedano capolavori a destra e a manca, e io invece mi ci abbiocco di prepotenza...Horror comunque, girato prevalentemente con l'handycam del protagonista-reporter, leeeento nella prima parte, un po' pi movimentato nella seconda, ma manca comunque quella sorta di climax nelle scene, quello che ti fa attaccare alla sedia insomma. Si, un po' di tensione c', ma pocapocapoca. Ogni tanto fa la comparsa qualche mostro jappo-style che non sto nemmeno a descrivere, che son tutti uguali tanto :PEcco, uno di questi ha il pregio di farti cagare mattoni (cit.) quando compare (Spoiler: scena dell'ascensore).Ma boh, per il resto mi sembrato abbastanza trascurabile, e lo boccerei completamente se non fosse che la protagonista palliduccia e insanguinata mi fa un sesso pauroso.

Jeff B (nl) wrote: This was really quite bad, but it had a cute ending. Jon Heder rocked.

Skyler B (mx) wrote: If I have just one thing to say about this movie, it is that it is garbage.

Kshitij H (jp) wrote: This isn't just another movie by the master Mani Ratnam. For me, this is his best work till now. Brilliant acting, classic concept.. 5 stars for me, by me.


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Erin P (it) wrote: A Beautifully portrayed and acted film. Ally Sheedy shows us how love and sexuallity is done, as a retired photographer Lucy Berliner. She Of course stood out for me as well as Patricia Clackson,a heroin addict. Well acted, beautifully shot-full of witty lines and is a solid sexy drama.

J Chrissy R (ca) wrote: I've always thought this a fascinating case, so I'd like to see what been done with it here.

Andrey B (au) wrote: Scary movie about a man descending to the lowest level of a human being as a protest against the present state of things. But he founds there nothing but darkness, drunkeness, brutality etc. Sometimes it's wise to refuse the "aggressive" hospitality.

Scott C (ag) wrote: The quintessential film noir! Every shot is gorgeous. The story is intriguing and the ending is top notch. And Kirk Douglas is such a slimy villain.

Mark M (de) wrote: Excellent film, great from start to end.

Miguel R (it) wrote: For a director's debut, Gattaca has an intriguing premise, however, one expects more than an intriguing premise