Rajamanikyam alias Bellyraja is a multi millionaire. Bellyraja always has his sun shades and lot of gold on him. He is a Cattle dealer by profession, uneducated and an orphan. He came to Bellary from Kerala as a young boy. Life was a struggle for him and he made to the top at the end. He credits his success to his being with the cattles. He theory is that, he can trust the cattles more than humans. Not formal but sincere Rajamanikyam has lot of acquintances. He is so attached to them and treat them as his family. His life takes a turn when he meets Rajarathna Pillai and his two kids, who always fight for their father's wealth. That was a different experience to Rajamanikyam, who always dreamed of parental love but never could experience it. Story makes another twist meeting Malli, who sells flowers on the street. Movie spuns around the life of these characters with love, laugh and of course a lot of suspense.

Set in a village near the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, Bellary Raja is a successful cattle dealer. Bellary Raja or Rajamanikyam who is blind in one eye after an unfortunate incident has a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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