The film is set in the Nelakondapalli village of khammam district in Nizam Princely State of Hyderabad of the late 1940s. The feudal society is under the vice-like grip of an aristocratic family and its head, a Dorasani (Shwetha Menon). Mallamma (Baby Annie) is the darling of the village, who is living in perpetual humiliation. They seek solace in her songs. Brought up by Sambayya, an old man, she develops a mysterious attachment to a basil tree which is regarded as holy by the entire village.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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In Nelakondapalli village, Adilabad district, Mallamma (Annie) is a girl who is a very talented singer. She is taken care of by an elderly man in her village. On one occasion, the elderly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (au) wrote: I'm somewhat mixed in my thoughts with this film. On the one hand, it's definitely a movie that requires a whole lot of patience. The pacing, at least during the first half, leaves a lot to be desired as there seems to be a lot going on but the film never really goes anywhere. That definitely makes watching more of a test than I would've thought it to be. But, on the other hand, the film does offer a different take on a subgenre that hasn't seen much innovation in ages. We are talking, of course, about the werewolf genre that, unfortunately, has been in creative doldrums for quite a while. While this particular subgenre will always be popular among horror fans, so therefore that means these films will continually be produced, the fact of the matter is that there hasn't been a big werewolf film that could bring about a resurgence of the much loved genre. And by big, I mean an influential film...not necessarily a studio movie with a big budget. I think this film will, hopefully, inspire other filmmakers to approach the mythos of lycanthropy, vampirism, zombies, etc. with a fresh take. That's not to say that this movie is the most inventive horror movie in the world, but it offers enough different to at least warrant a watch, even if I don't think the film was perfect. While the film has the visceral violence one is to expect from a werewolf film, it also focuses more on the medical reasons for it. The film, outside of the last line and visual effects, doesn't really commit itself to being a werewolf film. It tries to explains Talan's illness as something known as the lunar effect, which is a very real theory. To dumb it down, basically, the theory states that there's a correlation between the earth's lunar cycle and certain behaviors in humans, and animals, that cannot be explained. There's no proof real scientific proof behind this, but it's said that some people act more violent when the moon is full. Like I said, no scientific proof, but it's a theory. The film focuses on that aspect of Talan's illness. It handles it pretty well, not amazingly or anything like that. But, like I said, it offers something that's unique to this film. It's still a pretty violent film, but I'm glad it wasn't just concerned about the gore which, admittedly, could've been much better. They use a lot of computer graphics to create the blood and gore and it doesn't look great. It would've been better if they could've done it practically, but perhaps they didn't really have the budget for that. Because of that, unfortunately, the violence feels a little cartoony. The acting is perfectly solid, nothing to complain about there in the least. The film looks like a documentary to help ground the story to the real world. It works somewhat. While I didn't think this film was good, I can overlook most of its faults because it at least had ambition, something that the horror genre greatly lacks with a few exceptions. I still think it's worth, at least, a rental from horror fans. I think there's enough good ideas here to warrant that at least.

Alberto H (au) wrote: I think this movie is okay.The voice acting was amazing,but I wished that the story and the animation was fixed.Mambo and Munk were the best characters in the movie though,and they were fun to watch on screen.

Ibraheem M (de) wrote: 12 Rounds is energetic, but Daniel Kunka's attempt fails as he tries to make it similar to Speed or Die Hard With A Vengeance. You won't enjoy it - and you may even find it dumb - if you've watched these movies before.

Alexandra B (mx) wrote: it was really cool and well done

Andr N (fr) wrote: I don't see the point of the story. What really drives Daniel. I find the plot to be rather loose. DDL is great as always.

Zachary S (de) wrote: Haha, Morgan Spurlock in a movie about Horny The Clown, who was killed somehow and ended up coming back to life at Hella Burger. Or something. I had much more fun telling people this was a good movie and forcing them to watch it with me than the first time I watched it by myself. I think I actually started to appreciated how. . .words fail me. It was something, that's for sure.

Anne S (au) wrote: Hmm... Dyke Drama at it's worst.. It's not a terrible movie, but was still pretty cheesy... I really didn't care for ANY of the characters.. they are all cheating on someone.. or encouraging OTHERS to cheat WITH them.. Cute movie, but not one I'd likely watch again.. a good reminder why I don't go to bars to meet someone.... on the flip side however, a reminder why I'm still alone.. being that is the only place to meet someone here.. grr

Sgt C (au) wrote: (53%) A decent suspense drama with more than a element of Hitchcock about it. The first half hour drags a little but once it gets going it improves, but don't expect too much excitement here.

Marc L (jp) wrote: great cast, great ending, i love christie movies

Rob M (es) wrote: This is the innovator of those movies where girls play guys, guys play girls or people pretend to be someone they aren't to get into school, a club, a job etc. In My Geisha, Shirley MacLaine plays Lucy, a famous American movie star with a director husband. She wants the lead in his portrayal of Madame Butterfly but he wants to hire a Japanese lead. Lucy, along with a friend concoct a scheme to transform her into the Japanese lead. Chaos ensues. Another one of my favourite movies.

Morgan B (jp) wrote: I have seen parts of it and i admit it's nice to see a pretty church girl who falls for a thug. however, it's a bit too literal. All Vanessa does is talk about church. It feels more like a church infomercial than an actual movie. The message about church seems to get drummed in our heads. I wish the movie were more authentic. If you are looking for a cheesy love story, then i guess this would do.

Christopher G (jp) wrote: This movie sounds familiar..,oh, yeah I LIVED IT!!!

James H (ca) wrote: A really enjoyable comedy. I thought everyone gave balanced performances by not going too far so they seem like cartoon characters. The soundtrack suited the movie and there was some snappy dialogue. It was an original story line that I am unfamiliar with so that made it even better. There are some things that are incredibly funny and the life lesson you watch these people learn can actually make you a better person too.