Murugan is a stunt actor in movies and his only aim in life is to become a good villain and get featured prominently in movie posters and cutouts. At a temple festival, he rescues Dakshinamoorthy from goons trying to kidnap him on orders from his son, who wants to take over land on which an orphanage is located. Murugan takes Dakshina to his mansion to keep him safe. Soon, thugs arrive in search of Dakshina as the land was promised to politician Ranganayaki alias Akka in return for an MLA seat to his son. It is now up to Murugan to foil their plan.

Anal Murugan, a gym boy fights against a don and a minister to save an old man and his land. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rajapattai torrent reviews

Andrea L (nl) wrote: This is the best movie I have ever seen Billy Crudup act in. He was excellent.

Mario H (ag) wrote: Horible. So bad low budget movie.

Saad C (jp) wrote: The movie was OKAY... The plot was too obvious, but the only reason I thought the movie was okay was Rani's acting... she did a very good job and looked flawless. But everything else was very mediocre and simply planned.

Benjamin D (it) wrote: this is one of my top gay movies...for story and (for a "B" movie) the acting. I know there are a few cliche's but I like the overall story and good production. I especially like how this movie is about love and not about sex. Too many gay movies (and gay men...in my city at least) put priority on sex instead of love and relationship.

Peter D (de) wrote: advertised on my Prime Channel : style Tarantino, Guy Richie .... what a joke ... C-movie !

cait n (ag) wrote: baby looks goofy silly.. hahaha.. but.. no..

Tyler H (de) wrote: A more original story than the first movie while keeping the same calm tone.

Marko S (nl) wrote: as good as modern serbian movie can get. this intense war saga from the point of view of a serbian soldier tells more than just about the war in bosnia. he is haunted with the ghosts of the past, his ex-best friend is a muslim soldier. this movie gives a whole story about the civil war in yugoslavia, and all the other civil wars that came in between people that were close.

Chloe A (es) wrote: 3 1/2 stars! I did enjoy this film because I like Ben Affleck! Some of the bits did make me laugh out loud as well

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Soapdish is a funny film. It is about ambitious TV soap actress connives with her producer to scuttle the career of the show's long-time star. Sally Field and Kevin Kline give amazing performances. The screenplay is well written. Michael Hoffman did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the humor and romance. Soapdish is a must see.

Amanda R (br) wrote: little richard is the mayor in this movie!

Luis A H (de) wrote: James Wan's non-horror debut is, Although slightly inconsistent and a bit over-the-top, Sharply Directed and Stylishly Filmed with grim atmosphere, loud action set pieces and thrillingly dark.

Isaac J (jp) wrote: Really fucking good. Mad Max re-imagined with a hot asian woman at the center with over the top visuals.

Kevin S (de) wrote: Its interesting in the sense that Joan Crawford takes the part as seriously as if it were MILDRED PIERCE. Both funny and sad, but never scary as intended.

Clay B (br) wrote: BREAKHEART PASS (1976)

David S (au) wrote: Dallamano's Dorian Gray captures the essence of Oscar Wilde's Novel far better than the 2009 counterpart. This movie is very true to the book, although modernized, and really captures the gluttonous, hedonistic debauchery that is Dorian Gray. Helmut Berger is a wonderful choice for Dorian Gray and plays the beautifully awful man to the dot. One can't help but be saddened by the little recognition this film has had, for it is most likely the best movie adaptation of Wilde's novel.

Alehee N (us) wrote: Adam Sandler is so funny

Marta K (mx) wrote: Wow, not a "Friday night in" type of film. Swank is pretty remarkable here, but the subject is (predictably) heavy and of course (and this shouldn't b a spoiler to anyone) there is no happy ending here.