Rajavinte Makan

Rajavinte Makan

The film follows underworld don Vincent Gomas (Mohanlal) and his rivalry against the Kerala Home minister N. Krishnadas (Ratheesh).

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Sparsh D (au) wrote: The story has action, drama, music, romance, but drags on way too much. Tiger Shroff isn't too impressive despite the hard work he has clearly put into the performance.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Absolute crap. Just looking at the poster is enough to give me a migraine. Argento, I love you but you should know when to throw in the towel...

James W (nl) wrote: I really liked it...

Tommy W (br) wrote: Bob Saget needs to die

Laura M (kr) wrote: Maybe more like 3.5. I really enjoyed this movie. It was an interesting adaptation of Macbeth.

Leonardo Malacay S (de) wrote: Precuela, el origen igual de buena e impactante realmente todo esta muy bien pensado.

Sebastian O (us) wrote: This movie has a little something for everyone, and feels both extremely well-made but at the same time campy. Face/Off should entertain genre fans and others alike.


Jason M (jp) wrote: Peter Sellers' 2nd last film and one of his wittiest. A simple gardener is forced to leave his only known home after his master dies. The Eumir Deodato jazz/disco arrangement of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" when he leaves the home is absolutely hilarious and etched in my memory forever! The "You go tell Rafael, I ain't taking no jive" sequence causes me gut-wrenching laughter every time! This is the film that you could swear that Stanley Kubrick made. In fact, the parallel with Kubrick's 2001 are evident, in the use of Strauss and the scene with the television screen on the lunarscape storefront.The ending of Peter Sellers walking on water is such a beautiful foreshadowing of his death the following year.It's interesting to note the end credits demonstrate one of the 1st (if not the 1st) use of "bloopers". Peter Sellers believed that the use of these bloopers diminished the seriousness of his performance and caused him to not win the Oscar for Best Actor that year. I agree with him.

Kenny N (gb) wrote: Great performances, but a dull atmosphere and lack of any real tension drag it down. Also a great soundtrack.

Frances H (gb) wrote: The score the critics gave this is way overboard--this film is just an average, run-of-the-mill western with stereotypical characters. The whole movie is just one big cliche. There are so many other westerns that are so much better--High Noon, Shane, The Searchers, and, of course, The Magnificent Seven. Almost forgot Stagecoach.

Peter P (es) wrote: Although it seems very formulaic, being based on a true story can have that result. Cuba Gooding Jr. and De Niro are both good, and the diving stuff is interesting, so it has that going for it.

becky j (gb) wrote: woman reads book and villain in book becomes real..stupid