Unable to handle the taking of his kingdom by an Indian Government decree, the Maharaja kills himself. His son, Jaipal, takes over as the Maharaja, turns rebel, and refuses to hand over his...

Unable to handle the taking of his kingdom by an Indian Government decree, the Maharaja kills himself. His son, Jaipal, takes over as the Maharaja, turns rebel, and refuses to hand over his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin D (it) wrote: Batman - The Dark Knight Returns - Part 2DC's comic book adaptations are usually single title releases, similar to many comic titles. They are one offs yet usually telling a larger story overall. That's where 'The Dark Knight Returns' excels above previous Batman animation titles. It's more than just one small part of the main story. DC animation presents the whole of it in two parts as the second half somehow, and amazingly, excels above the first.The second half takes place only a short time after the end of the first. Gotham has been liberated from the grip of fear delivered from the threat of the Mutant Gang. Their leader beaten, their members left faithless and most trying to take up violence in the name of Batman himself. Things are not as simple as they once were. The world has changed since the Bat and his allies waged war against crime and injustice. Now, the United States is willing to go to war with Russia, allies have picked sides and become enemies, and Bruce Wayne is now remembering why he picked up the mantle of the Bat in the first place. On top of all of this new world order, history begins to repeats itself. Old enemies resurface from Batman's past, to take up old grudges in what will inevitably become a battle between righteousness and immorality.In many ways, Wayne is the best of us. Of all of us. He is a man of great physical and mental ability, with the body and agility of a Olympian, and an intelligence only rivaled by his own willpower fight for justice against evil men. He represents what happens to a man who loses all that is dear to him. A man who uncompromisingly wages war against those who represent the criminal element that has haunted him his whole life. This does not make him a good man, but perhaps the best man to fight against evil has to represent something worse. I think the second part of this series does a fantastic job of showing that side of Bruce Wayne. He has a drive like no other, and his is inflexible in his fight against injustice. So much so that he wages war even upon those he protects if they are willing to cross a certain line. I believe that is the main theme in so many of the modern renditions of Batman, and this film certainly shows it well.There are very few flaws throughout the second half, which is an amazing feat in itself. The first part is a fantastic movie, and DC Animation did a wonderful job of building these stories back to back, one resting upon the shoulders of the other. They build upon the story at a steady pace although possibly it is a bit rushed within the last 30 minutes of the movie, between 2 epic battles in such a short period of time. The two films are like twin brothers, but the second gets slightly better grades. I think the most important role goes to Michael Emerson as the Joker, who is slightly more effeminate than I expected in tone of voice, but does a good job of showing his mental instability. The jokes fall flat, but the humour is in the sickness of his actions. There are some moments of shocking violence in this movie, but that is the point of the Joker's character, and how far he is willing to delve into chaos, to taunt and insult the Batman until the evil, bitter end.This film should not be watched without the predecessor however, nor without reading the Frank Miller comic from which it is based, but is a beautiful story to watch. This is easily one of the top films (in both parts) that DC animation has produced so far.4/5

Miguel B (jp) wrote: not the same as before.. it did try though

John T (ru) wrote: Before seeing this documentary i had never heard of Pat Tillman. Tillman was the all American hero . A pro American football player who gave up his million dollar contract to fight for his country. The problem was that things are never always that simple in The United States.One day while out on patrol , Tillman and his group came under fire and he was shot in the head and killed. The family was that they had a fire fight with Afghan soldiers and that was how Pat had lost his life but it didn't take long to find out the the military were lying. Tillman had been killed by friendly fire.Lets face it it's no surprise that the military and the US government covered this up. They are both institutions that are rotten to the core.What is so amazing is how nonchalant these people are about this cover up and that the cover up went all the way to the top .The film has interviews with the family and his friends and it shows the amazing length this brave family went to get justice.It shows real footage of the memorial service for Tillman and the wonderfully honest speech his younger brother gave. If i had one criticism it would be that the documentary is not confrontational enough but i suppose when your dealing with corrupt weasels like Donald Rumsfeld you have to be a bit cautious.

Private U (de) wrote: Okay. Guilty pleasure time. The SciFi Channel isn't really known for putting out quality movies.. but this one actually managed to lower the bar. The title alone is enough to have you cracking up.

Eliabeth W (ru) wrote: I screened this film at the MFAH and it really should have been released to a larger audience. There are tremendous moments of raw emotion and an incredible performance by the girl who plays the 10-year old daughter. The story is cleverly written from many points of view that at first seem disconnected until the satisfying and heart-warming resolution. This movie illustrates that not everyone has a master-plan for life. It questions whether even having one is worth it or if it's better to see life through the eyes of a child- constantly in the present moment with curiosity and eternal optimism.

Harry W (mx) wrote: Crocodile Dundee 2 was very poor form, so Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles would just be even worse. To find out how worse, I just had to watch it.Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles does open nicely because of the Australian nature imagery, but soon after it becomes a comedy that's too rushed in its pacing for any build-up and too family-oriented to allow for any crude humour jokes that aren't failures, with the exception of one at the most. But there is no adventure, no joy, and no laughter in the recycled story with minimal jokes in there that attempts to capitalise on Paul Hogan's natural charms and Mike Tyson's genial presence for his cameo. But aside from that there is little effort put into making Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and it takes significantly more effort to actually enjoy the film.Its just not worth it. Crocodile Dundee 2 was a failure so don't even bother trying your luck with Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles unless you're a significantly aged person wanting a small amount of Paul Hogan's charms on the TV screen. Still, you'd have better luck in most likely all of his other works. Except Crocodile Dundee 2. That was also terrible.

Arim A (mx) wrote: My favorite Indian thriller! Very interesting plot. 3 blind men rob a bank..!

Dana R (nl) wrote: i loved this movie when i was a kid and still love it

Anthony B (fr) wrote: Takes the imaginative, exciting book and turns it into a lame, formulaic chick flick.

Zach M (jp) wrote: This was bizarre mix of romantic comedy and animated about a cartoon sound man and a call girl.The cartoon sound man slowly turns into a cartoon himself.Nudity and some good humour help make this an interesting Italian movie that is worth the watch.

Robert K (de) wrote: Still very entertaining!

Grayson W (es) wrote: Fun movie with the Coreys and a young heather graham

Thomas K (ru) wrote: This is how the French deal with this subject matter.

Nicholas L (es) wrote: I am Legend's production design is truly mesmerizing and its story is nail-biting suspense with serious dramatic reflection, but it's greatness is blunted by the shoddy CGI and generic action sequences near the end.

Sepp V (us) wrote: Fuller meets Korean war this time - as pointed out not as gritty as "The Big Red One" but otherwise enjoyable psychological movie (at some point the location/studio starts to bore, tho')

Daesy Anastasia F (us) wrote: I'm not watch this movie yet