Räkan från Maxim

Räkan från Maxim


A comedy by Hans Alfredson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan N (mx) wrote: I'm a big Bourne fan but this is a huge step down and feels like everybody received a huge payday. Damon stated that him and Greengrass would only return for a great story but is this really the one? The characters are well drawn but beats and consistency are the momentum killer here, it just feels like a poor Supremacy imitation. I liked the action and the new world Bourne world but is it a great conclusion? No it is not. You have to think Damon will return to deliver an ending to the character that we all deserve.

Holly A (it) wrote: My little girls liked it.

Nick V (nl) wrote: It's like Rudy but for baseball. And Steve Zahn hasn't been this good since That Thing You Do.

Olivia (mx) wrote: great. James marsters( spike from buffy) is in it and he is really good

Cole M (au) wrote: Horrible, horrible, horrible. Proves that Farrell is a rubbish leading actor and Oliver Stone a rubbish director.

Jho R (us) wrote: An odd, almost made for TV type of movie.

teddy w (nl) wrote: unfunny mean-spirited and horrible

Cassandra M (br) wrote: Without doubt Beat Street is the best film about the breakin scene. Everything about it is spot on,the clothes (puma),the music and most importantly the dancing! The storyline is basic,but hey whats there to tell a story about? The whole point of the film is to show what kids of that moment in time were doing,what mattered to them. It shows that teenagers in general are good,all that mattered to these everyday kids was music,dancing and friendship. Having watched the DVD recently i was plesantly surprised how well it had stood the test of time! The clothes didn't look dated (possibly because Puma is now having a massive comeback),the music still sounds fresh,and the dancing is still captivating to watch. A film anyone 10-25 years of age should see as part of their youth culture.

Adam y (au) wrote: One of the greatest bands ever almost as good as the clash or angelic upstarts

Dan M (jp) wrote: I think this is one of those movies that critics say they love, then other people say how good it is, but then you watch it and say, "wha?"Honestly, I thought it was just a bunch of randomly shot scenes thrown together to make a loosely coherent story. After reading the production notes, that's pretty much what it was. Kinski is way creepy as Aguirre and I am wondering if this character may have inspired Gollum in Lord of the Rings. I guess it's a good study film.

JohnnyLee T (us) wrote: There are whole tracts in which M. Hulot doesn't appear. Not as inspired as other Tati films. Main achievement is in precision and co-ordination of set-ups. Long takes are remarkably staged. Continuity of restaurant tableaux is amazing. I would love to like this more, especially as whole enterprise bankrupted Tati. But by this stage Tati had been working with this genre and theme for 20 years so maybe he had said all he had to say.Amazingly, wardrobe styles, make-up, colours, etc. Tati used have not obviously aged (except for odd hairstyle). Very classical look.

Andrew I (mx) wrote: I like old Film Noirs, and this one is ok, I suppose. It starts off quite boring and slightly unbelievable, ending up so convoluted it becomes almost farcical. The drawbacks with this film are manifold - the lead actors aren't great, the print I saw was so grey and blurry you could hardly see what was happening and the plot all happens in the second half. Despite these shortcomings, it's perfectly watchable and almost enjoyable. 6.75/10

Codie E (ca) wrote: The way Renoir balances simplicity and subtle style with a deep intelligence is incredible. Simon is great as the femme fatale-esque Severine and Gabin is better; commitment, humanity and passion so tightly coiled. Some of the train photography is incredible too.

Andy I (jp) wrote: One of my faves of all time

Pouyan S (ru) wrote: Good movie and good ensemble.,, however unintentionally lagging and confusing to the audience

Bryan D (ca) wrote: Slow burn with no real pay off.