The movie is based on the two men abhay and ajay both played by Maanas whose fate take them to powerful positions in business and politics and due to a love triangle and their enmity with other powerful politicians and business men their life goes for a toss

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Rakhtbeej torrent reviews

Prasanth C (br) wrote: Awesome acting from shahid and Tabu.

Adrian S (br) wrote: Awesome suspense, If you like EA's "Dead Space" this is a must watch movie

Allan N (fr) wrote: A bit to long, and like the first part, it's the same over and over again. But again great performances and moments.

Zehra Y (mx) wrote: ne biim bi site hi bi?e izlenmiyo

Frances H (it) wrote: A beautiful film and a beautiful love story. It really moved me.

Molly R (br) wrote: I was surprised by the fact that I liked this as the description made me sure I would not. It is a good thriller. I can't say I loved it, but it kept me interested.

Brent O (kr) wrote: a classic from Bruce MacDonald. Gotta love Jello Biafra's appearance as an American border cop.

Emily K (au) wrote: watching it right now!!! movie itself gets a B-, but Gwynnie's accent gets an A++!

Mike M (ru) wrote: Frankenheimer's legendary technical marvel is still a rush to watch some 46 years later, thanks to the ultra realistic in-the-cockpit racing sequences. Overall, Grand Prix is a brilliant up-close and personal look at F1 as a sport (footage was shot at actual F1 events) that mixes seamlessly within a fictional story line, really half-documentary, half-motion picture -- and talk about motion. Five-stars if scoring just on the daring and inventive cinematography, including the actual actors racing behind the wheel. While the shot-for-Cinerama, three-hour flick drags in spurts (predictably, the non-racing sequences) Frankenheimer does a nice job overall of interweaving each driver's personal tale, including examining their respective motivations for undertaking such a daring occupation. A snapshot of racing just before huge sponsorship would change it forever, Grand Prix is exciting for even non-fans. A real thrill ride without a hint of CG. *viewed on HD-DVD*

Morris N (br) wrote: I wish Loren and Fellini had actually made a movie together. They did not, but Fellini's film, The Temptation of Dr. Antonio, is classic Fellini. I didn't care much for the other two films.

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John B (ag) wrote: Stupid. But festive!

Toad T (us) wrote: Really cool dream effects, story, good acting, Bacon.

Guy I (es) wrote: This thrilling, conspiracy theory tackling, roller coaster ride of a film is downright riveting! O.J. Simpson gives the performance of a lifetime.