Follows two girls living in Sweden in the 1960s who both dream about becoming rally drivers.

The veterinary assistant Ulla have taken her job only for the opportunity to race on the small roads of Värmland. The big farmer's daughter Birgitta dreams about Paris but instead becomes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rallybrudar torrent reviews

Ro D (jp) wrote: fantastic story, so well made i really love it

Don M (mx) wrote: I thought Tom Cruise did this with "Vanilla sky"?

Tim F (br) wrote: A whole lot of funny movie parodies! 'Jean-Claude Seagal' was the best I think! lol! We finally see who gets out and who doesn't, and how... This is again a pretty violent and gory movie, I concure that it's better than the second. It's a lot more expanded, also through the sewers. Still, the craziest things happen, so unexpectedly, well expected but you just don't know what. There are some better plot adaptations, like the fact that the monsters can't stand a certain noise, the hive (Res. Evil anyone?) and some cool survival pieces. A good halt at a strange trilogy, or isn't it...

Augusto A (br) wrote: Very fun, but I was a little disappointed by it. The movie goes from fantastical superhero shenanigans to gritty hyper-realism in a matter of heartbeats, while the humor is borderline parodic at times even if never at the expense of the drama or the dignity of the characters. That's a tough thing to do, and Espinoza deserves the accolades for succeeding in it. There's no denying that of all the movies that try to insert superheroes in a real world scenario this is the one that gets the closest to what would probably really happen. Also, Marko Zaror is truly a great martial artist for film and the fight scenes are all very entertaining... But Jesus, what an ugly movie this is. I really hate the cinematography. They go for the handheld, shaky-cam, so-dark-you-can't-see-shit aesthetic in order to make it seem more "real" and south american, but as usual, it doesn't work and it just looks lazy. I really wish it had a more polished look and that the blocking of the scenes was more elegant and elaborate than this. When they do try something with a little more visual flair, it doesn't make any sense, it's in poor taste and it seems like it's actually with the intent of mockery. For example, what's the point of the desaturation, except for blue details, of the whole reporter's rescue sequence? That was over the top and looked terrible. The animated flashes to the little brother's drawings were also very annoying to me. The movie this reminded me the most of was El Mariachi, in that what they accomplished with so little is impressive, but also in the fact that it's a very flawed, amateurish movie with a lazy script. In the end I was still left unsure of what to think of Espinoza as a filmmaker. I can't really tell if he wanted to make a honest to god chilean superhero movie or if he just wanted to use the genre to make a critical comment on it, and I'm also not sure about what his visual signature is, if he has one. Still, Mandrill, the group's next movie, seems better and more refined in all of these aspects and I'm curious to see it.

Jena B (jp) wrote: Good idea for a movie. Visually great. Fantastic makeup, especially. Poor acting and dialogue at times.

Owen D (ca) wrote: The story takes a darker turn, but this turn is for the better. An ultimately emotional, extremely well-animated and action-packed ride that even non-Bionicle fans will enjoy.

John Y (au) wrote: Very interesting and sad story about a show that changed television forever.

Francisco S (au) wrote: Dead Poets Society portrays poetry with elegance accompanied by an harmonious soundtrack that with the helps of the charismatic Robin Williams and the young cast will captivate, delight and shock the audiences of all ages.

Alberto M (ag) wrote: MI PREGUNTA AL VER ESTE FILME ES: POR QUE YA NO SE HACEN FILMES COMO ESTE?. Y es que en este filme todo esta de primer nivel, las actuaciones (tanto de Adjani y Depardieu), la caracterizacion, la musica y la fotografia. Hay algunas escenas que sin duda seran recordadas por su aportacion cinematografica, en particular la escena donde Camille se descubre la espalda y decide posar para Rodin. Un momento clave en el filme, que en manos del director y del responsable de la edicion, se convierte en clave. Quiero destacar la actuacion de Adjani, quien imprime a su personaje fuerza y fragilidad por partida doble, uan pasion que pocas veces vemos en pantalla. En realidad sientes el dilema de Camille Claudel y aprendes a entenderla. Un trabajo de gran clase.

Mark S (br) wrote: The casting of Marlon Brando in this might have been controversial at the time, but he actually turns out a much better fit for this musical than crooner Frank Sinatra. Brando's Sky Masterson is the most interesting thing on screen, and Jean Simmons gives as good as she gets as the plucky Sister Sarah Brown.

Joseph L (de) wrote: A funny movie- Abbott's physical comedy related to cowardice and timidity is timeless, Costello's selfish straight-man is not so funny. Worthy A&C effort.

Lee H (gb) wrote: The Millenial's shot at "The Big Chill" just add the internet, post apocalyptic back drop, and instead of the lead having a growing business he sold his growing business. Well acted, fairly directed, but still misses the mark as privileged kids turned adults make their personal struggles the center of the known universe... literally. A product of "every child is a unique snowflake" parenting this movie gets mired down in the muck of its own self importance.

Trent G (au) wrote: A good movie that had a great wrap up in the end. Yes, the plot was jumpy as it paced itself unevenly, but the chemistry with the characters was undeniable. Balaban and Murray were great in ever scene they were in, the record being played at Xmas time was touching. It is shocking to know the VAST amount of art that was taken, and destroyed, by the Nazis, and as an artist, that really bothered me. Congrats to those real Monuments Men who did what they did.

Dusty L (au) wrote: 80% on my Tomatometer.