Ram Rajya

Ram Rajya

Following Bhagwan Shri Ram's 14 year exile, whereby he demolishes the evil empire of Lord Ravan, rescues his wife, Sita, and returns triumphantly home to Ayodhya to be crowned the King. Bhagwan Ram arranges for Sita to be placed on top a funeral pyre, and when she comes out unscathed with the Lord of Fire himself appearing and asking Bhagwan Ram to take Sita back as she is pure, and her presence has not only purified Ayodhya, but also Sri Lanka, as well as himself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Hindi,Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:local blockbuster,  

Following Bhagwan Shri Ram's 14 year exile, whereby he demolishes the evil empire of Lord Ravan, rescues his wife, Sita, and returns triumphantly home to Ayodhya to be crowned the King. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harry W (ca) wrote: Regarded as another one of Ingmar Bergman's masterpieces, Fanny och Alexander sounded like another chance to look into the best that Swedish cinema had to offer.As Fanny och Alexander is a 188 minute film trimmed down from a 312 minute miniseries, the effect of the film is certain to be different as it loses over two hours of material in the process, and so the tale is not as detailed or extensive as the extended version. But still, as far as it goes, there is a lot of interesting ground covered in the 188 minute cut of the film. It is a long film, but the pace of the story is a gentle and good one. The material ranges from how involving it actually is, but as a whole there is a lot of sentimental spirit in Fanny och Alexander which is what makes it worth watching so consistently.Drawing from director Ingmar Bergman's personal experiences in his unhappy childhood being raised by a Lutheran priest, Fanny och Alexander is clearly a very personal piece for the director. In his final feature length film, Ingmar Bergman is able to score himself another Academy Award nomination for Best Director by creating an insightful and touching look at growing up, particularly in its time period and setting of early 20th century Uppsala, Sweden. One of the themes in Fanny och Alexander is how it examines the life of a child, most specifically Alexander Ekdahl as he grows up under the rule of a stepfather who has no sympathy for him and imposes religious power over him. Fanny och Alexander has the kind of premise that a fairy tale usually has before it turns into a tale of magic and heroism. Fanny och Alexander is all about the despairing lead up and sadness that the characters must face, and it is very interesting mainly because of the way the film depicts the relationship between Alexander Ekdahl and his stepfather Edward Vergerus, particularly as the two clash with each other. In the end, I was surprised just how much I enjoyed Fanny och Alexander because it was a film with a gentle pace which was perfect as it gave the film the ideal amount of time to develop and plenty of room for audiences to look into it and gain a deep perspective. I was so enthralled by the 188 minute cut of Fanny och Alexander that it left me enthusiastic to see the full 312 minute experience. Fanny och Alexander was a surprisingly touching and insightful film which dealt with its complex subject matter with a lot of heart and intelligence, and so it left me extremely enthusiastic to look into more Ingmar Bergman films. Part of the reason that I loved Fanny och Alexander was because it was a Swedish film and because that is a type of cinema new to me. If the film was an American tale I would find it less effective as countless American films have explained what their society was like in every decade imaginable. In Fanny och Alexander, the mystery surrounding its Swedish setting was refreshing to me, and so it reminded me just why I love foreign films. Even though Fanny och Alexander was a 188 minute foreign film, it all went by so gently and organically that I never felt like I was waiting around or that the story was too slow.Part of the reason I loved Fanny och Alexander was it had story elements reminiscent of the novel Flowers in the Attic which I am fond of. It deals with a family coming to terms with the sudden death of the father and having to look elsewhere for support. This time however, the issue comes into the relationship between the son and the stepfather which meant that I could empathise with the tale a lot more. It fascinated me, and it dealt with it all in an atmosphere which was dark and intense and therefore gave off the kind of sense one gets from being stuck in the attic of a house which cannot be seen by its inhabitants. Fanny och Alexander's material could have been turned into juvenile melodrama, but not with Ingmar Berhman as director. Thanks to his keen eye for strong imagery, he is able to establish some excellent production design, costumes and scenery for the film which is all captured with terrific, atmospheric, Academy Award winning cinematography. Everything in the film looks great and seem genuine, assisted as well by a subtle musical score which is moderated very well and saved for the perfect moments in the film. In all honesty, Fanny och Alexander is a brilliant film from both a technical and emotional perspective, and it is one of the greatest foreign language films that I have ever seen, easily earning its Academy Award in the same genre.Thanks to strong direction and an excellent script, Fanny och Alexander can only get better. The cast is the precise thing to prove that.The standout performance in Fanny och Alexander comes from Jan Malmsjo. Jan Malmsjo takes on the role of Edward Vergerus very well because he has a brooding sense of power to him which comes not so much from his status but more so just how he acts in many situations. He has a manipulative sense to him and his power is subtle but stern in his line delivery which really gives him the ability to snatch the screen when he sees fit. Jan Malsjo is terrific in Fanny och Alexander because of the sense of strength he maintains from within, and his interactions with all the other cast members are rich with dramatic tension.Bertil Guve is terrific as the titular Alexander Ekdahl. He has a lot of strong juvenile charm to him, but at the same time he is able to handle the dramatic material of the film very maturely. Bertil Guve is terrific because he makes for a compelling and sympathetic young boy, and he interacts with the other actors very well, particularly with Jan Malmsjo due to the intense chemistry they share in the scenes where they go against each other. The angry father and son chemistry that the two share is one of the best elements of Fanny och Alexander due to the fact that it is so raw and confrontine, and Bertil Guve stands his ground in the situations with a firm grasp on reality and strong dramatic charisma.Ewa Froling does a nice job in Fanny och Alexander because she has a sense of beauty to her which draws in viewers, and her dramatic passion is excellent. She keeps herself involved in the material very deeply by constantly conveying the mental anguish of a troubled wife and mother in a way which is easy and is able to stir up sympathy from audiences without problem. 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Amanda D (de) wrote: a good black a white film. the sequel to the absent minded professor which is what Flubber with robin williams is based off of

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