Ram Ram Pahune

Ram Ram Pahune


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ram Ram Pahune torrent reviews

Jeshwanth P (it) wrote: An excellent thought provoking movie on religions with great dialogues and ideology. Paresh Rawal gave his best and exceptional with his dialogue delivery. This movie explains how people simply believe in religions and traditions without any logic. and how some people bluffs in the name of god. I think everyone should watch this movie and change their opinions on gods and religions. I dont want you to become atheist, I just mean that you dont need religion or traditions to pray god. If you still don't open you eyes after watching this movie,then no one can stop you from being a fool!

David G (de) wrote: It was kind of a let down. I was expecting more action and less diplomatic crap, but like everything that involves the UN, boring and very diplomatic. Leave the UN for real life and out of our ACTION movies.

Nick P (gb) wrote: With a cast this big, you would think that the performances would've been great even if the material was less than up to par. This was worse than most soap operas. The childish and immature cheese that followed with this was terrible, but not as bad as the performances. One of the worst cases of bad acting from an ensemble cast. Nearly every single one of the characters were annoying and just plain unlikable, especially a grating Kristen Bell and almost unbearable Odette Yustman. Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver weren't much better either considering their rehash of a storyline. And the point of Betty White being in this just to include Betty White in a movie? God, no. The men were just bleh. And that predictable, cliche ending. Eck. YOU AGAIN is more like a Disney Channel "original" movie instead of a serviceable comedy.

Mikey S (ca) wrote: So I was searching netflix and I found TENURE staring Luke Wilson, Gretchen Mol and David Koechner. This independent movie made me laugh so hard and wished I seen this funny movie sooner. TENURE(TM)s got a great story, a awesome cast and should not be missed @mikes_moviepick

Marc L (de) wrote: Premiere realisation du duo Delepine/Kervern, connus pour leur contribution majeure a tout ce qui est estampille "Groland". Un film bien intriguant que cet Aaltra : hyper minimaliste et tourne en noir et blanc pour commencer. On pourrait le decrire comme un Road-movie en fauteuil roulant a travers l'Europe : deux paraplegiques vicieux comme des teignes partent exiger des dommages et interets a l'entreprise finlandaise de materiel agricole qu'ils accusent d'etre responsable de leur handicap. Le rythme est lent (forcement, en fauteuil roulant...Ok, je sors), les dialogues sont reduits a la portion congrue et les rencontres avec les autochtones des differents pays ne sont pas sous-titrees. Presente comme cela, Aaltra n'a pas forcement l'air tres emballant. Et pourtant, il s'en degage quelque chose de tres special, un melange de situations absurdes, de folie douce et d'humour noir qui fait mouche, et une fausse perspective "Cinema d'auteur", a grands renforts de silences et de longs plans fixes qui ne servent qu'a en detourner ironiquement les codes majeurs. En somme, un film qu'on pourrait croire belge, de cette variete de films belges qui remplacent le miserabilisme par le cynisme et la derision. Plus proche de Camping Cosmos que des Freres Dardenne, quoi.

Corey P (us) wrote: Love this movie seen it so many times already and still enjoy it though I might start getting a little tired of it. Only reason why it isn't higher than four stars is because certain people I don't like enjoy this movie.

Chernyeh Y (nl) wrote: If there only was a such thing as paradise...

Gordon T (kr) wrote: Awesome. Genuinely scary. The Rodan Larvae are in the water eating the explorers AND the airplanes are chasing Rodan and Rodan is leaving a white trail of fog behind him and you never know when Rodan will . . .SUDDENLY TURN-AROUND AND STRIKE!!!!!! definitely Awesome.

Phil H (gb) wrote: quality film do watch

James D (nl) wrote: This is the kind of movie that they sadly don't make any more. "The President is ill, so they find your average Joe American and make him President". It sounds like just the kind of fish-out-of-water schlock that if made today would be awful and slapstick and probably star Eddie Murphy in a fatsuit, but in these hands it's a wonderful, understated and deftly handled comedy. A classic comedy film.