Ramen Samurai

Ramen Samurai

Hikari (Dai Watanabe) receives news that his father passed away. Hikari decides to take over his father's ramen shop. To do so, Hikari quits his job at a design company and goes back to his home town of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture. Now, taking over his father's shop Hikari has problems recreating his father's recipe. Hikari thinks back to when he was a child and how his father believed Hikari never used his imagination. Hikari relies on his memory in attempt to recreate his father's recipe.

Hikari (Dai Watanabe) receives news that his father passed away. Hikari decides to take over his father's ramen shop. To do so, Hikari quits his job at a design company and goes back to his... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (jp) wrote: What an awesome movie what a testimony

Jenn M (ru) wrote: I actually liked this and would have given it a 3 had it not been for the terrible whiny, crybaby of a character. Omgthe plot seemed promising but it didn't make much sense at times. Barely knew who the "ghosts" were and they went from evil to good to evil again to good? why??? and we only get a hint near the end as to what their motives may be but it's so weak and too late thst it just didn't fit right

Jason P (us) wrote: I loved the way this film was shot (one camera, no lights, no crew)- it was very stark and realistic. Naomi Watts's acting was phenomenal- I think of her differently as an actress now. I was intrigued enough to watch it again with commentary, and I was really impressed with the amount of thought and effort the Scott Coffey put into it (not to mention how cleverly it was edited, considering it was made over the course of 5 years). I thought initially that it was a little self-indulgent (a movie about how hard it is to be an actor, essentially), but after seeing it twice I think there is a lot of subtlety that one misses watching it the first time (watching for plot and characterization more than subtext). There's definitely more here than meets the eye.

James C (fr) wrote: When a group of college teens all decide to share the same house, they discover that it has a terrible secret that puts all their lives in dangerHere we have a low budget British / Romanian horror movie that tries to be something special, but isn't anything you haven't seen before. The story moves along quite nicely, but the plot ideas have all been regurgitated from many other haunted house flicks. The cast all play their roles very well, but again you have seen the characters in countless other movies. This isn't blood and gore heavy and the limited special effects are nicely done and suits the tone of things quite well. All in all this isn't a bad movie, but it just isn't anything outstanding.

Marlan M (jp) wrote: Some great acting, but felt pretentious. Or maybe it's just that I'm not into art enough to know or care about most of what they were talking about. I didn't find Max very interesting, and it probably would have been more interesting if they'd focused more on Hitler. Although, from the looks of it, there wouldn't have been more there, either.

Bubba M (ru) wrote: A great merry-mixup movies

Alistair K (jp) wrote: Sentimental, but I like it.

Adam L D (de) wrote: Rip torn is a hoot and john Candy shows why he was a good physical comedian as well as a master of the dead pan expression1 fun for the whole family! Classic I think one of his best!

Shannon P (us) wrote: I loved this film but can never find it! Funny!

The Next Starfighter (kr) wrote: This is a Clint Howard classic! This has everything, blood, violence, and demonic possession. A little 80's gem that not enough people have seen

Chris W (jp) wrote: This might be based on folk legend Woody Guthrie's autobiography, but it comes off as less of a biopic, and more of an origin story of sorts, basically a tale of how a situation not all that dissimilar from The Grapes of Wrath led to a man changing the face of folk music and specifically politically charged protest tunes.It also is the first time that I actually felt rather underwhelmed and let down by Hal Ashby. This is a very well meaning film, and some of it is done quite well, but overall, this is far more flawed than I was expecting.I think it might have to do with the fact that for some reason, it comes off as feeling like a cheap, TV movie of the week sort of affair, and not some epic look at how Woody Guthrie helped get people through the Great Depression. The pacing is pretty slow and uneven, and the way the film is structured is like this, too. It's kinda all over the map.I do think that David Carradine gives a great performance though. It's definitely one of his best. He carries the film, and ultimately saves it from being worse. Ronny Cox is also good, probably the second best one here, but where Melinda Dillon and Randy Quaid are concerned, I was let down. I love those two, but they just didn't do it for me.I said the film feels cheap, but that's surprising since Haskell Wexler's cinematography is quite good. It definitely captures the essence of the era, so maybe the TV feelings come from the execution. Plus, this film featured what I believe was the first steadicam-based long take tracking shot, and I generally just go nuts for that sort of things.All in all, this film is an overlong mess, but it does have its moments. Carradine and Wexler make it worth it, but I feel like somebody really dropped the ball here, and that this is one of the times where I think a remake is definitely warranted.

victor l (de) wrote: Nazarin is trully amazing, imaginative and inspiring. Luis Buuel was a master of surrealism applied in pictures. Nazarin has a solid and terrific cast: Francisco Rabal is great as Father Nazario, a highly misunderstood saint whose charity and acts are confused with heressy and rebelliousness. Marga Lopez was beautiful and a fantastic actress, she was really convincing as Beatriz, a sentimentally wounded and depressed woman who finds a sense to her life following the father. Pina Pellicer made a terrific performance as the regenerate prostitute accussed of killing a co-worker and burning the miserable flat where Father Nazario lived. Ignacio Lopez Tarso perfectly played the role of a tough criminal who shows he's not that bad in the deep and that he can also be compassionate with the defenseless victims. It has automatically become one of my favorite films ever.

Amanda W (de) wrote: I think I've seen it, but when in doubt, don't rate without a re-watch.

Antoine S (mx) wrote: Ce film pose de nombreuses questions sur la democratie, le systeme, les gens qui nous gouvernent, l'homme providentiel, le fonctionnement du monde, grace a un scenario habile et une tres bonne realisation.

Michael W (gb) wrote: I've always liked Whit Stillman, but the existential angst and constant talking, talking, talking that I loved so much in "Metropolitan" and "Barcelona" grew tiresome in this movie...

Curt L (au) wrote: awesome, as much physics/tech/history/rivalry as you can cram into 100 minutes

Johnny W (de) wrote: I think Sean Penn is our generation's greatest actor, and worst political actor. Another powerful performance by Penn in another heartbreaking but uplifting American tale of the struggle for equal rights for still maligned gay Americans.

Jake A (gb) wrote: With solid performances, beautiful cinematography, flawless production, a great score/soundtrack this drama about two people and their love may not engage me on a personal level but it for the most part kept me engrossed.