Ramona And Beezus

Ramona And Beezus

Ramona is a little girl with a very big imagination and a nose for mischief. Her playful antics keep everyone in her loving family on their toes, including her older sister Beezus, who's just trying to survive her first year of high school. Through all the ups and downs of childhood, Ramona and Beezus learn that anything's possible when you believe in yourself and rely on each other.

Ramona Quimby is a grade-school student with a big imagination. She often clashes with her no-nonsense teacher Mrs. Meacham. When Ramona's upbeat dad Robert loses his job, the family - including her teenage sister, Beezus, and their practical-minded mother - must make major adjustments, like dad learning how to run the house. Ramona dreams up various plans to make money so that she can save their house. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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