Randka w ciemno

Randka w ciemno


Majka is young, beautiful and intelligent. It is time for her to learn and work, she has wonderful friends. But unfortunately she can't forget Cezary, who had abandoned her a year ago. So Majka's best friend decides to help her to start a new life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (us) wrote: A wonderful documentary on the creative genius that is Wayne White. I would have loved to have heard more about the Pee Wee's Playhouse era but to do so would have harmed us in learning more about Wayne. An amusing tale.

Skipp D (gb) wrote: Terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Did I mention it was terrible?

Emily Y (it) wrote: Love the romance perfect for this freezing Valentine's Day

Mikhail B (ca) wrote: Noteworthy, a film by Kurosawa. Simple and touching story about friendship between a Russian explorer (Captain Arsentiev) and a Goldi hunter (Dersu Uzala) - how they travel, hunt, survive and learn from each other. Eventually Dersu looses his hunting skills and the Captain invites him to a town to live with his family. The hunter can't get used to that and returns to taiga.

Kendall I (us) wrote: In all my years of movie watching,this is the only one I've turned off in the middle of it. The story carried on slow and it bored me. The antagonist (the man) isn't really well made either. But I can tell you classic sci-fi lovers will enjoy this. Overall,bad to me.


Joseph B (jp) wrote: This is one awkward, cliche, and lovable motion picture.

Well A (gb) wrote: Insupervel. Animao, trilha, personagens, roteiro...Um dos melhores do estdio do Mickey.

Serge L (au) wrote: Self -righteous and a bit psychopathic film about the motivations to kill. Make a point killing, revenge killing, army killing. Don't say the englishes don't know how to find a target and do a proper assassination after this. We better not mention anything about Iraq. Film very mechanical, this murder, that plosion, more murders. The story is very cinematic but leave off so much. Hail the englishes! The best invader ever. With the freedom to kill. At will. Wherever you are....

Cody C (es) wrote: A great Brooklyn movie. This one brought back a lot of memories of my childhood in the 90's, as well as the sense of community of working at a local Brooklyn video store in my teenage years. The only problem is it's pretty uneven. Some of the vignettes work exceptionally well, others are really annoying. In particular, Mel Gorham is absolutely grating as Violet. But don't let that steer you away. Stick this one out until the end. The final scene is absolutely beautiful.