Random Harvest

Random Harvest

An amnesiac World War I vet falls in love with a music hall star, only to suffer an accident which restores his original memories but erases his post-War life.

An amnesiac World War I vet falls in love with a music hall star, only to suffer an accident which restores his original memories but erases his post-War life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Naadhira A (jp) wrote: First film by Klapisch that goes beyond the problems of young urbanites. I liked how this film focused on the difference between the average working people in France compared to the wealthy CEO class

Movie K (kr) wrote: Rather violent animation of the series. Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin is whacked terribly by Joker and then die in the explosion. Batman came a few seconds too late. A new baddie Red Hood kills a few useful men and command the crime bosses to work for him and to pay him 40% of the cut. But he want the drugs to steer clear school and children. Batman and Nightwing fights him but he is really good. In the audio Batman replay and heard him mention his name. The big boss Blackface want to show him a lesson and start to disrupt joints and hire assassins to kill him. Batman fight with Red Hood and defeat the assassins. He get a blood sample and confirm Red Hood is the dead Robin. He dig the grave and the body inside is fake. Batman find Ra's al Ghul and Ra's admit it is his doing. He want to make up for it. Years ago his plan was disrupt by Batman and so he hire Joker to distract him. But Joker is bonkers and kill Robin which isn't Ra's plan. So he get Robin corpse and submerge into the youth fountain. It revive him but he is a tormented man. Robin escaped and can't be found. Blackface use all ways to break Joker out of the asylum and want him to kill Red Hood. Turns out Joker wanna kill them all too in a fire. Red Hood says his plan is to meet Joker again. Batman quickly intercept their fight and Red Hood took off the mask and reveal he is Robin. He didn't blame Batman for not saving him back then. He just don't know why he didn't kill Joker. So he force Batman to either kill him when he hold Joker hostage or kill Joker straight. Batman jam his gun and Robin start the bomb timer. He manage to save him before explosion. Joker is send back to asylum.

Blythe W (de) wrote: seen it, the worst acting ever. the "teenagers" look like 8 year olds and this movie was clearly thrown together in no time at all. hate it. its not worth seeing trust me.

Chinmay C (ru) wrote: It has been a decade since Swades was released in India and here we are still talking about it, that just shows how ground-breaking this movie is and how it made its place in one of the best Hindi movies of all-time. Mohan Bharghav, a scientist in NASA, when comes back to India to take his nanny to America, he discovers where he truly belongs. Director, Ashutosh Gowarikar's patriotism and dedication towards the country can be clearly seen in this movie. The way he directed this movie is just outstanding. Every emotion, every theme is handled with perfection. Shah Rukh Khan is the heart of the movie. His acting is genuine and the performances like this are the reason why he is regarded as one of the greatest actors this country ever had. Swades is a celebration of a different kind of patriotism, which is more realistic, more believable and holds strong even today.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: One of those films that make you want to bash your head in.

Bjrn B (gb) wrote: Harvey Keitel stjeler showet som mafiaboss. Scenen hvor han knekker armene p sin egen bror er utrolig festlig. En slags bltkakehumorversjon av Reservoir Dogs.

Eric V (ru) wrote: I guess this film is more of a commentary on the Catholic church than a full-fledged exorcism movie. The church sends a priest to check out the validity of a woman showing signs of stigmata. After seeing things that he can't question, the priest then begins to unravel a conspiracy inside the church itself. This film tries to border on a message-movie drama and a slick, cool horror movie, but it never meshes.

Gareth W (kr) wrote: very funny Dabney Coleman at his best

Rob L (kr) wrote: I watched this movie cause Steve Buscemi was in it. However, even with him this movie is just plain garbage.

Thomas A (es) wrote: A bland romantic period drama that starts off interesting enough, as there are a lot of early 20th-century poetry, paintings, and music involved. However, staying for the whole 100 minutes duration of the film is a regrettably sour experience. The love story is transformed into complete disarray, as the Murphy's law went into full effect in the most painful way possible (without having to go into the horror genre). Dominic Cooper, Dan Stevens, and Emily Browning gave great performances, but apart from that, this film is not worth watching unless you have a masochistic streak.

Villi S (fr) wrote: I watched this movie high but still i didn't even smile once.