Randy and the Mob

Randy and the Mob

A good ol' boy (McKinnon) gets into trouble with some mobsters, and then must seek assistance from his estranged, identical twin gay brother.

A good ol' boy (McKinnon) gets into trouble with some mobsters, and then must seek assistance from his estranged, identical twin gay brother. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Millo T (fr) wrote: Between 2.5 and 2. Interesting, but many ideas are mentioned in other documentaries.

Amar S (kr) wrote: sublime narration...didn't even feel that 2.5 hours had passed by. This is a story about the 'real' india...one away from Salman Khan & Akshay's firang jaunts. Benegal shows all thats wrong (without trying to generate an angry young man), he also shows whats right in our country. This movie will make you smile, laugh and will also leave a tear in your eye at times. This is surely worth watching.

Ioana M (ag) wrote: can't really decide if i liked it or not. i love renee zelweger so i'm probably biased. i remember being slightly bored but incline to say that in the end it was ok. which means not great. oh, well...

Mischa S (mx) wrote: This mornings distraction. France is going g through...RIP to all in the fallout.

Jason D (de) wrote: Gamera The Brave goes back to Gamera basics where the monster series was much more kid-orientated, which wasn't the case with the Gamera films of the 90's (which were more adult and violent). In Gamera the Brave, a young kid has become slightly distant from world now that his mother has died and his father (who went through his own Gamera experience as a child) has resumed his busy schedule at his restaurant. Eventually, the young boy comes across an egg carrying a baby turtle (which he names Toto) and a shining jewel. The boy builds a kinship with the turtle which leads to some adorable scenes (something I'm not accustomed to with my movies these days). The turtle gradually gets bigger and bigger, but not soon enough as a giant, man-eating (as displayed in one particularly chilling scene), lizard with a sword like tongue. The battle scenes are pretty cool in this film, as are the effects, which have progressed greatly over time with giant-monster films. It's apparent though that this film is geared more towards Child Fantasy, but it is still enjoyable enough for giant monster movie nerds like myself. Be on the lookout for a HILARIOUS and EXCELLENT reference to past Gamera villain, Guiron (the guy with a giant butcher knife for a head). Great movie.

Zhanyi J (ca) wrote: Didn't care for the music but I enjoyed the style and good editing techniques.

Shannon P (br) wrote: wasn't bad, Miles O'Keffe - SEXY!

Dax S (jp) wrote: Amazing movie, loved it. Makes you think of the 80s a lot.

Aj V (ag) wrote: Ready for another Freaky Friday rip off? Of course Burns is funny as usual, but the rest of the cast is boring, and the story is as I said before, over used by this point. Not bad, but not good either.

Ilja R (au) wrote: Piristvn moralisoimaton parittajatapaus. Paikoin tulee mieleen Cassavetes, paikoin Altmanin The Long Goodbye. Iskev sanailua ja viehkoa antisankari/antijuonirnsyily.

Sean N (de) wrote: Dyanne Thorne is the hottest woman to have ever lived.

Jacob E (de) wrote: Extremely successful considering the terms Bogdanovich was under to make this.

Joe L (fr) wrote: oh dear. it was the first feature length film to be shot in three strip technicolor.. as a film, it's not well regarded, but there are some good reasons to see it: 1) it reminds you that no era was ever immune to producing crap. 2) it's a terrific example of how a bad actress in the lead can utterly destroy a film. 3) the costumes are.. bright.

Scott M (jp) wrote: Chick flick about a guy with a very troubled past who meets a girl and falls in love. Also a good comedy, but more dry humor than anything else. One of my favorite romance movies. The ending is awesome.

Amy N (jp) wrote: I think this will be a great movie ~~~~~~~~~~~~