Rang Birangi

Rang Birangi

Sparkling comedy about a meddling friend whose attempt to rekindle the spark in his friend's relationship with his wife of seven years leads to complications to their lives, and to the lives of his secretary and her boyfriend he has not 'scripted' ... Splendid performances by Amol Palekar, Deepti Naval, Parveen Babi and Farooq Shaikh, a perfectly pitched script, witty dialogue and a plethora of aptly placed film references make this a film one can watch over and over and never fail to laugh out loud.

Sparkling comedy about a meddling friend whose attempt to rekindle the spark in his friend's relationship with his wife of seven years leads to complications to their lives, and to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (gb) wrote: Felicity Jones is extraordinary ! The plot is simple and boring .

Ahmed M (it) wrote: Bachna Ae Haseeno is a movie which could've been much better if it would have used it's idea to it's potential. The movie feels very long, during the 2nd half of the movie, the movie feels boring as the pace of the movie slows down extremely, but the movie manages to grab somewhat of your attention. By the end of the movie, what you are left with is, a missed opportunity of what could've been a great movie and an easily forgettable one.

Sean C (es) wrote: Black Swarm is a bit like the wasps come the end of the summer, a little dozy and not sure where they are going. This is pure dumb fun, with the plot soooo not making sense in places that you end up shouting at the screen but so what it made for a bloody stupid and daft watch and there's nothing wrong with that.

Matt J (mx) wrote: This is probably the worst movie i have ever scene. The acting was laughable and the charactors lacked any basic common sense. It was about as scarry as an episode of Scooby Doo. However I got a lot of laughs out of this movie.....Even though it was supposed to be scarry

Aisha M (de) wrote: It's great fun! I wouldn't dishonor it by giving it a higher rating.

Adam W (es) wrote: Less fun than setting fire to yourself.

Shevonne P (kr) wrote: Secuestro Express, which was directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz, was a nitty-gritty reality of the situation arising throughout Latin American. It deals with a wealthy, young couple in Caracas, Venezuela who are kidnapped by a group of thugs looking for ransom. The movie was well done. In the beginning of the movie, we see the main characters in their elements. The scene pauses, and their name and a few details about them are flashed on the screen. I think this was a good way to introduce us to the characters and give us a deeper sense of who each of them is.The movie shows a scary situation that is happening practically every day in Latin America. We feel a mix of emotion for each of the characters, and no one is viewed as angelic, even if they are the victims or the thugs. The scenes were shot in Venezuela, which added to the horror of the situation. You are taken around this beautiful city where hidden underneath, all these atrocities are occurring. The thugs, but one, felt no remorse. They felt they were Robin Hood ?? stealing from the rich to give to the poor. They would rape, kill, and torture victims with no resmose. The police are no help because they are more corrupted than the thugs are. They have the law on their side, so nothing can happen to them.The dialogue was well written. I liked how the writers included the reason for the corruption and violence within the dialogue of the characters.The only unbelievable part of the movie was the way the female character would hit and curse at the thugs. Come on, you have a gun pointed at your face, and you are this sheltered, wealthy girl, and you have the guts to disrespect these people? No one really beat her. They respected no one, so why start now?Overall, the movie was an eye opener. We think our lives are miserable, but other people in other countries are suffering. There are two sides to every story and each is suffering in their own way.

Reverand Lord Horse o (br) wrote: Sky Kids is the sort of movie that i as a youngster would have loved on a weekend, even now i really enjoyed the good nature and great story. It's rare to find many movies like this anymore theres always animation or over the top CGI and SFX. There were some cringe moments but after all its a kids movie so its acceptable.

Peter F (ag) wrote: It's a shame that 14 years after Todd Field's directorial debut he's only released one other film (2006's rather excellent Little Children), as right from this early picture the director proved to be humane and delicate. A tragic story about grief, In the Bedroom is still a provocative film, even if it's story is fairly simple. The sense of build up in the film is also very deft, and it takes it time getting to the efficient payoff. While there have been films even more morally contemplative with similar material (Mystic River for one), but In the Bedroom has aged rather well, and hopefully Field will have a new film for us in the near future.

David W (ca) wrote: Though not bad, Fantastic Four fails to be interesting and to show how not to make a Bad Fantastic Four movie. If you wanna know if there is a good Fantastic Four it is called The Incredibles and it's awesome!

Ashley N (fr) wrote: About as good as the first one...but not quite.

Matt W (de) wrote: Add a Review (Optional)

Jack B (ca) wrote: It took me long enough to be convinced this ever even existed!

Scott H (au) wrote: Ambush is filmed beautifully, though not because of the cinematographer, but because Finland is just plain beautiful. Unlike the deathly white and absolute chilling cold of Pekka Perikka's "Winter War" (which is better), this film is set in the spring and summer. Magnificent emerald greens and towering pine forests provide a glorious setting for idyllic little farmsteads and villages. Unfortunately, the reality of war set in this same environment provides a sad picture. The characters are believable for the most part, but the main character is a little too much of a Hollywood-looking star, he should have been a more rough, average looking guy and not a movie star. There's a good insight into Finnish bicycle units and scout tactics, and plenty of detailed period set dressing. The biggest mar on the otherwise touching love story that runs parallel to the unit's story is a completely unnecessary, nearly pornographic sex scene that does nothing to advance the story and only mars the main characters' character.Having a few emotionally charged scenes that leave one breathless doesn't compensate for shallow character building, and some prime examples of exceptional military tactics (the village clearing scene) doesn't make up for obvious stupid military tactics (the forest battles near the end). It is a film ofmany good moments, but marred by too many poor moments.

Renee R (ag) wrote: I didn't know I was in for an alien movie bugger not a fan

Cam M (kr) wrote: Even though the Terminator series has always been about time traveling killer robots from the future it doesn't suffer from complicated temporal paradoxes - until now. I do not know what is happening in this movie. Every time the machines fail to kill John or Sarah Conner they send another Terminator a few years later to try again. So logically we can assume from the first 3 movies that they have a limit to how far they can send someone back. Otherwise why not send thousands of terminators back to the 60s and kill John Connor's grandparents? This movie throws all that out the window. Tons of time traveling robots and multiple timelines that some how don't and do crossover at the same time. It's one of those rare movies that ruins all other movies that came before.

Camille L (kr) wrote: American Hero commence comme une comdie dcale sur un paum avec le pouvoir de tlkinsie avant de bifurquer sur le thme du hros, des laisss-pour-compte, de la vie aprs Katrina la Nouvelle-Orlans chez ceux qui ont tout perdu... Parfois un peu bancal mais constamment touchant, American Hero russit bien quelques petits dtails qui font mouche. Stephen Dorff est parfait dans le rle principal tandis qu'Eddie Griffin rappelle ses grandes heures (si tant est qu'elles furent grandes). Quand la mise en scne de Nick Love, si elle fait parfois penser du found footage cause du ct faux-docu, elle pouse parfaitement son sujet et lui permet quelques digressions bienvenues. American Hero est une des trs bonnes surprises de ce premier semestre.