Ranga Raatinam

Ranga Raatinam


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1971
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Steve W (us) wrote: The western genre is still alive and kicking, due to Quentin Tarantino and Tommy Lee Jones. This time around, its Mads Mikkelsen in Death Wish mode in the American wilderness, facing dastardly men who killed his wife and son. When the gang's vicious leader and corrupt sheriff come down, its a primal and all out bloody finale. Themes of revenge, corruption, and gun control litter this short and to the point western, for a well acted western that shows us the genre has some bite left in it.

Brett H (it) wrote: Quite a wasted opportunity, all things considered, True Legend could've been the next GREAT, Chinese action film, but its jarring-as-hell, and awkward final act lets it down in such a big way, it can't come back from it. The story is fairly typical of the warrior/soldier sub-genre; a former leader who tries to retire is called back into action due to an old foe and has to train to become stronger than he ever was before to defeat him. This concept works (for the first two acts) largely due to the impressive and visceral fight choreography and the great, villainous portrayal by Andy On, whose character has sewn metallic plates into his body to be invulnerable to blades, making him a considerable opponent. But it all goes terribly wrong after the conclusion to this revenge story ends at the 96 minute mark and you realize there's still another 40 minutes to go. The third act is so completely detached from what came before it, you'd swear they stitched the ending from a completely different film to this one and it shares MANY similarities to the ending of Ip Man 2. There's also a bizarre and cheap-looking training section with shoddy CGI that belongs in a Playstation 1 game, but this can slightly be forgiven once we learn it was all in a character's mind. When this film is firing on all cylinders, it is simply great, but that last 40 minutes torpedoes the good-will set-up and you finish the movie scratching your head instead of applauding.


Kevin R (gb) wrote: He isn't afraid of fire. He isn't afraid of anything.Rex is a Hollywood dog action star in the mold of a futuristic Lassie. He is in an accident and taken into a firehouse where he can use some of his action moves to save lives. He meets a young boy while working at the firehouse and finds another life that needs to be saved."What's up?""Time. Time is up."Todd Holland, director of The Pro, Isabel, The Wizard, and episodes from the television series The Larry Sanders Show, Felicity, and Malcolm in the Middle, delivers Firehouse Dog. The storyline for this picture is as you'd expect for the genre and nothing special. There were some funny action scenes with the dog and the acting is Disney Channel quality."I'm sorry about the dog. Can I buy you a new one?"I found this on HBOGO and decided to give it a shot with my daughter. She was only half hearted interested and this wasn't as good as the Santa Paws collection. This was disappointing and only worth viewing if your kid loves dog movies. "No, I don't have a receipt."Grade: D

Thomas T (kr) wrote: Spectacular performances from Hilary Swank and a bunch of talented newcomers structured with a powerful story.

Michelle C (jp) wrote: a nice wholesome movie for the family.

Thomas K (it) wrote: What, you expected great art from the stoner's version of a Hope and Crosby movie? No, it's not artistic in any way but if it doesn't make you laugh then you may very well be dead. Check your pulse.

Joshua C (mx) wrote: A very stupid but funny animated comedy based off of the hit show. Beavis and Butthead are as hilarious as ever, and the movie doesn't just feel like an overrun episode either. The movie has plenty of celebrity voices like Bruce Willis and witty humor that derives from the dumb show (which is also funny). Does it have a brain, not really. But it's smarter than you're expecting it to be, and with that Beavis and Butthead Do America is a good tv show movie.

The Critic (kr) wrote: A consistently entertaining science fiction action caper in which stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren settle an old score than began in the Vietnam War, though it's Ally Walker who steals the show as a quick-witted television news reporter who gets caught in-between the spray of bullets and elaborate explosions.

Brian P (ca) wrote: Great visuals and solid acting but a bit cheesy. It made me want to look up what really happened and let's just say the movie took some liberties. This mountain (K2) isn't as famous as Mount Everest but it's much more deadly and harder to summit.

Private U (ag) wrote: Being based on 3 stories by Edgar Allan Poe had made it a promising film, but there was a disappointment after watching.The 1st film directed by Roger Vadim was awful and shallow by all means. I didn't like the screenplay, and to know how awful was the adaptation i have to read the original story.The 2nd film directed by Louis Malle was better, especially what concerned the screenplay and the casting. That scene of Allen Delon and Bridgit Bardot was pretty good.Then came the last film directed by Fellini, the best one in the whole film from many aspects (excluding the Terrance Stamp's performance which made the character another copy of Hamlet). But still not what i was expecting from Fellini adapting a story written by Poe.

Suvi L (ru) wrote: Maybe a bit too romantic trilogy considering how the life of Sisi was but certainly worth the watch.

Scott M (it) wrote: This would rank amongst the best of the films that have dramatized the events of World War 2. The themes explored in The Dam Busters include patriotism, and the values of persistence and dedication.

Orlok W (es) wrote: On the third stop in the Road series of pictures we find Bing Crosby and Bob Hope playing their usual sharpie and schnook... Post Modernism In The 1940s--Zany fun, pure old-fashioned escapism with a string of gags for good measure... No holds barred spoof of every desert adventure ever undertaken!!

Janiss G (de) wrote: This film is SO underrated! It's a great character film from a comic filmmaker who usually focused on thrills. Plus his leading lady here has a really spicy personality - rare in a silent comedy flick.

Richard D (kr) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised by how much enjoyed this flick. It's really a pretty clever James Bond parody disguised as a kids flick ... with penguins in the Bond role and an octopus as the villain. Lots of voice talent here, including Werner Herzog who parodies his own documentaries in the opening sequence.

Tommaso D (au) wrote: Saving Private Rian is for sure one of my favourite movies about World War Two.Powered by some moving performance (first of all Tom Hanks'), this movie manages to be insightful and thought-provoking.

Gian N (mx) wrote: The Smurf drinking game:Every time you here a word replaced with Smurrf or Smurfed, or any other word related to that, Take a shot. Seriously though, this movie is just incredibly moronic.