Three men, who have lost faith in law and order, decide to fight for justice on their own terms.

Three man, who have lost faith in law and order, decide to fight for justice on their own terms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David W (fr) wrote: The title doesn't lie.

Samuel B (ca) wrote: A very good indie film out of Vietnam! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a non-formulaic type of film to watch. Story focuses on a little girl named Thuy, who is about 10 years old and works in a blinds factory for her hard-core uncle who has custody of her after her parents both died. She runs away to the city and meets two young people who are also feeling alone in the world, and a friendship between these 3 previously unconnected strangers ensues. Check it out it, its worth it.

Alex r (es) wrote: Sequel to Boogeyman, this is a poor attempt at delivering a good, horrifying and fun experience. This is a horrible film, and considering that the first was a good, underrated flick, you'd understand why this one might be bad. I felt that whatever made the first film watchable was absent, and the filmmakers simply took elements of the first film to make this film. Unfortunately there's nothing good at work here, nothing new to thrill or entertain the viewer neither. Boogeyman 2 is a pointless and quite frankly unnecessary sequel to a good little horror film. This film is just not what the first film was, and that's a mindless, entertaining monster flick. I think that there was a lot of potential in delivering a watchable sequel, but with this film, it misses the mark, and ends up being a film with nothing good about it. This is a poorly conceived sequel, and considering this, Boogeyman should never have had a follow-up. The acting here is pretty poor and the script is bland and like I stated, relies on ideas explored upon in the first film, thus a sequel was not needed. The studio just wanted more money with a sequel, and it's the case with this film. No creative effort was put into this film, and the end product is a film that is poorly done, lazy and uninspired with a poor cast to act out stuff we've seen in the first flick. If you've seen the first film, and haven't seen the sequels, don't, you'll be glad you did, and you're not missing out on much.

Bunty R (de) wrote: My all time favorite movie :):):)MY MOVIE!!!!


Kyle A (it) wrote: What idiots give a World War II movie bad ratings? Not every war movie needs to be like Saving Private Ryan or Apocalypse Now.

Ian W (au) wrote: A superb piece of kitchen sink drama. Superbly acted, warm, funny and also very down to earth and is instantly familiar. It is Jane Horrocks, as Nicola, who really shines. Loved it.

bob l (ca) wrote: My first real exposure to this subject was engaging throughout and certainly didn't pull any punches.

Alexander A (ru) wrote: Bunuel was an atheist, so it's interesting he managed to make one of the most spiritual films I have ever seen.

Kim P (nl) wrote: Elizabeth Taylor at her peak, and the film is really showcase for her. She never looks better and gets to wear some of the most beautiful dresses ever filmed. Dana Andrews also puts forth a amazing performance has the other-man. There are also impressive special effects for the time, just look to the final sequence in the film.

Laurel K (de) wrote: Loving someone because of their flaws. Not in spite of them.

Alex K (it) wrote: Funny as hell a lot getter then Get Shorty

Benjamin L (ru) wrote: Good fun!!!! Funny! Funny! Funny! I could believe the rating from the critics! But then again most critics hate movies like this, you know, the kind that make you laugh. It's a slapstick comedy, not a drama! For a comedy, it's a great movie! You won't be disappointed!

Michal (us) wrote: P?b?h pln metafyziky, filozofie, schizofrenie, mldnut, strnut a cesty za poznnm. Asi to nechytne kadho, ale mn? se to celkem lbilo.

Andrew L (ru) wrote: Rather limp superhero flick. The relationship between 'The Thing' and 'Human Torch' is brilliant, but is probably the only thing going for this movie which is very weak when compared to even the terribly floored Spider-Man films. Even the boring Hulk movie was better than this. There are too many moments of 'not a lot going on', that when the film finally finishes you sit back and wonder whether anything did actually occur during the whole two hours (the length of the extended version). Apart from the pile-up on the Brooklyn Bridge, the only other action sequence is the final fight (very short lived and simple). The rest of the movie sees the characters standing around talking, and as I said earlier, not a lot really happens in this movie. Fantastic Four needed a sequel even though it didn't deserve one.

Emily A (it) wrote: Pretty typical "capitalism is evil" movie, but it's worth watching just for Michael Shannon (what else is new).