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Stony's brother George has been accused of murder and the Mesquiteers have returned to prove his innocence. But they find that Harvey rules the town along with his stooge Sheriff Gray and that George won't get a fair trial. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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kale m (br) wrote: blake come on lol or did maddie put that up lol

Craig H (ag) wrote: great wee filum about Adelaide's Paul Kelly. his battle with heroin. his early stages , takes you through his colourful life. ups and downs, lots of good interviews and humour. lots of great live footage. well worth a look.

Richard D (br) wrote: A pair of sisters and a pair of their close friends murder their alcoholic mother. This is a really awful film. Not casually awful, but consistently and thoroughly awful. Every performance in this is terrible, including actors like Mira Sorvino and James Russo (incredibly miscast in this film) who are perfectly competent and often talented actors. The structure is bizarre. It feels episodic, but it's clearly not supposed to me. It takes a serious subject and renders it somewhat comedic in its sheer awfulness.

Niklas S (ca) wrote: The relationship between actress and director is something that is usually referred to as a romance. Well this movie speculates in that quite a bit. Not only that you're invested in what the ending to the made up movie within the movie is as well. This is well balanced and paced very good. The orchestration of this film was a feat and it was done good but not great.

Ethan P (ru) wrote: Eyes Wide Shut as intoxicating. The undertow of the film was dark and brooding, but the luminescent lighting and creative camera movement through hallways and rooms gave the film a glamorous, but sinister mood. The envious and angry energy that drives this story of sexual jealousy is powerful. I also thought it was mystifying how Tom Cruise wants desperately to cheat on his wife for revenge and everyone he meets is attracted to him, but he never has sex with any of them. The orgy scene was very creepy, but powerful, and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have some weird lines, but overall give pretty rich performances. There are some plot holes and inconsistencies, but the chilling conclusion where his friend reveals almost everything to him is especially strong because we don't know if we can trust his version or not.

Rachel G (kr) wrote: my fave movie..i watched it seven times in one weekend...makes me cry every time..suprised its not that big of a movie

Aaron R (it) wrote: John Woo is an awful director he ruins movies

Stella D (mx) wrote: one of ray's more neglected films, it's a stunning black and white widescreen character study of the intense struggle between two british officers on a hopeless mission in the libyan desert. i somehow never realized before that richard burton was hot at one point in time

Rebecca P (gb) wrote: The physical comedy is so good, it almost doesn't need dialogue sometimes. The seal should have gotten an Oscar. Laughed out loud more than once. Sorry that Cary Grant wasn't in the sequels. Incredible plot twists sprinkled throughout. I need to get one of those trick chairs for my living room.

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