Rani Rupmati

Rani Rupmati

During Akbar's rule over Hindustan, the Mughal's considered Pathans their enemies and vice versa. As a result there was a war-like relation between Mandva's Sultan Sujat Khan and Akbar. But...

During Akbar's rule over Hindustan, the Mughal's considered Pathans their enemies and vice versa. As a result there was a war-like relation between Mandva's Sultan Sujat Khan and Akbar. But... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiago C (nl) wrote: Controversial film. Some love, some hate. I found a reasonable film. Has the interesting issue of homophobia, especially in the interior, but it was missing the icing on the cake.

Alonso A (ru) wrote: Wes Anderson finally made it, the film he wanted to make since he became a director, and that's notable since it seems like his most personal work. Moonrise Kingdom has that characteristic Anderson-esque style and as always his characterization is beyond words, but it is in this film that all seems to fit perfectly. Dealin with a noble and warm topic such as kid love, coming of age and the need to get away, Anderson and screenwriter Roman Coppola manage to capture the most of this and framed it in such an immaculate way it's subtle. The directing is outstanding as always, but seems has new touches that makes it feel fresh. The actings are plain perfect, even on secondary characters, and the characterization is as good. What really stands out in this film, is the music. Through the whole movie the music makes you get deeper and deeper into the movie, makes you feel as the characters feel and just transports you into Camp Ivanhoe. All technical aspects aside, Moonrise Kingdom is a touching film, that gives hope on a realistic level, that gives you a smile with great wit, that take you back to memory lane in a nostalgic journey as you remember your own first kiss, your experience of love and makes you embrace that feelings for a momment and forget about everything, that is cinema, that's what it's all about, making you feel. Maybe the characters have no place in the real world, maybe some events seem absurd, but so what? There really isn't any valid argument to diminish this beatifull piece of art from a director that just seems to get better and better with every movie. Thank you Wes Anderson.

Martin H (mx) wrote: A good film... But... Unfortunately I just didn't enjoy it. It's not a film for me. But I can appreciate it. 6/10

cli o (fr) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Sherie P (br) wrote: 5 white people in a sea of disadvantaged black people. and the lead white guy isnt even rich. WOWWWW!!!!!

Chang Hyun K (gb) wrote: This movie was definitely a surprise. The cover or description does not do the movie justice. Rent it and you won't be disappointed.

Bill A (gb) wrote: I really liked it. actually ... loved it.

Andrew M (mx) wrote: The coolest most badass hero ever, just wish we could get more of his story.

Frank J (it) wrote: Quand bien mme le film ne porte entirement que sur la musique, prsente dans approximativement 75% des scnes, c'est le jeu d'acteur de Jean-Pierre Marielle qui m'a jet sans dessus dessous. Son interprtation de Monsieur de Sainte Coulombe est affreusement poignante, douloureuse dans un silence illusoire. Monsieur de Sainte Coulombe s'est en effet enferm dans la musique, suite la mort de sa femme, dlaissant en quelque sorte par le fait mme ses petites filles.Lorsqu'arrive Marin Marais, alors jou par Guillaume Depardieu, fils de Gerard, Monsieur de Sainte Coulombe ne se doute pas que sa vie sera modifie de manire draconienne. Franchement, bien que la musique ne m'ait pas surpris outre mesure, toute la douleur qui l'accompagnait m'a bel et bien plu.

Jenna I (fr) wrote: I went into this not knowing anything about it so I was totally thrown off guard by the whole mix of Shakespeare/find my mother plot. From a technical and visual stand point this movie is amazing-the talking magazines, the interview style mixed with narration mixed with storytelling, the sexual tableaus, the mixed bag of characters... there's so much in this movie that it was a bit overwhelming and I missed the emotional connections.

Lee F (au) wrote: Awesome Movie Watch over and over. 10/10

Wes S (au) wrote: It's not bad- lower quality, cheaper, lazier, but not that bad. The effects seem decades older than what they really are, and the plots are either useless or meager. There are better ideas out there. Even the action sequences seem small and effortless. Still, we get to see more great actors, and the film is less silly than the previous one- but in a way, it's a bit stupid.

Benjamin H (us) wrote: What? Four and a half stars? Despite the heckler? No, because of heckler! This show is awesome!

Courtney T (ca) wrote: Hmm, looks compelling. But I always seem to be disappointed by old movies. . .

Jessica M (nl) wrote: I don't understand why so many disliked this movie. I thought it was an interesting take on a vampire story.

Eduardo L (us) wrote: 8.1/10. 7-29-2016Original review: circa 2009 (4/10). "The movie dragged on way too much and wasn't as interesting as I thought it could have been. I felt Pacino did all he could with his role, therefore my faults are with the direction. The story is good, but the storytelling isn't. Then again, I tend to feel this way with each of Sidney Lumet's films."