Ranjeni orao

Ranjeni orao

Serbian drama "Wounded Eagle" is about true love story of long forgotten romances and some new ones, happening in a very romantic time between two world wars. Young woman and her passion.

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TG S (it) wrote: Ajith has performance is awesome!! But the entire movie is CUT,COPY ,PASTE of many English movies!! A good entertaining movie

Cait P (ru) wrote: A documentary that will leave you wondering if Schapelle got what she deserved or was an innocent person wrongly accused. Either way, makes you a little nervous about your baggage during travels...

Dan G (ag) wrote: Couldn't even follow this mess

Elsimondark E (de) wrote: No s, si soportes verla completa.

Ed S (de) wrote: Wow, here we go. When i first heard of this, i was actually excited in that i seem to enjoy low budget horror movies most of the time. This movie is awful. It is one of the most hilarious horror movies ever, and its not supposed to be. To throw somethign out there, the main characters brother has a $500 flashlight called the Intenser, Oh, and if you look at the back of the box it says Music by DAZMO. Enough said..

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Totally trite and cliche, there's nothing to really phone home about, yet it's still an entertaining and uplifting story about dreamers and underdogs.

Tracey c (kr) wrote: The popular Garbage Pail Kids stickers of the 1980's are seen in the bathroom scene of the Elementary School.

Paul D (ag) wrote: A very unfunny and nonsensical movie. Not even the likeable cast members could save this from disaster.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: 82% "Pinch me Dolan, did I just KO Hitler?"-Private Mittens (Art LaFleur) Despite its B-movie status, it features great costumes, wardrobe, decent actors, props and production value. Dumb to be sure, but it's tons of fun.

Dax S (nl) wrote: This is one of the time travel movies that stand out to me.

Michael K (jp) wrote: Wonderfully bizarre ..beyond words. I love it!

Cody B (us) wrote: Amazing..... this movie has me really thinking. It is a great story. Even the "slow" parts are always moving it makes you wonder how will the world end. Then communication in this movie is amazing. The dog did a great job. Will Smith is one of my favorite for this exact reason. He played his role great! I would love to see a sequel. Did they reverse it? Did they start to rebuild. Was there issues during the rebuild. This is the kind of movie I love. One that leaves questions but not something that needed to be addressed. Great movie. Needs another. Maybe will smiths son star!

Alyan H (mx) wrote: A decent slasher with a twisted but yet not unpredictable ending