Raptor Ranch

Raptor Ranch

They’re not just raising cattle in Texas. They’re raising 70 million years of prehistoric terror. Move over Jurassic Park; here’s come Raptor Ranch! Yee-Haw! A modern day Texas community is overrun by vicious prehistoric velociraptors that obviously did not get the memo about being extinct. A group of lost college students and a local Native American girl try to survive the raptor onslaught at Fossil Ridge. A special CSI and FBI team is dispatched to investigate the killings and are blown away at what they find!

and a group of people try to survive the raptor onslaught at Fossil Ridge, a cattle ranch... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Raptor Ranch torrent reviews

Angelica S (fr) wrote: Amazing story based on today's adolescent generation isolation problems, represented by two siblings living apart but coming closer in the boy's house basement. There he hides from his mother - avoiding to go to school's excersion. Excellent acting from Tea Falco and J. O. Antinori.

Deadly V (mx) wrote: Great Idea and Cast, but story falls short

Alex S (es) wrote: Almost as good as the silence of the lambs! Spectacular film!

Raya P (ru) wrote: sadly, nothing has changed since 67.

Kathryn E (fr) wrote: Really liked this film very original

Yinal R (es) wrote: I just saw this movie today, It's an all the way funny movie! Loved it! =]

David U (nl) wrote: I spent the first half hour confused as to how this could be a remake of A Tale of Two Sisters as the U-verse guide said it was. After I realized it wasn't, I decided to watch the rest anyway. I wish I hadn't.