Two teens battle their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to defeat the Antichrist.

Left behind after the Rapture, a young woman (Anna Kendrick) and her boyfriend (John Francis Daley) battle their way through a religious apocalypse on a mission to prevent the Antichrist (Craig Robinson) from taking her as his unholy bride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa B (nl) wrote: If your a dog lover this movie will take you on an emotional rollercoaster!

Alice C (gb) wrote: The dancing scenes and la tour-eiffel in 1879 are just marvelous, but the story is too disney and the heroine just stole other's dream to fulfill her dream...

Dylan W (fr) wrote: video games deserve a better, more mature documentary

Tim C (de) wrote: Not bad addition. Came together well, acting and effects were sub par, ideas and sets were good.

MarcAndr C (au) wrote: Un balcon sur la mer is slow food for the eyes. A beautiful French film with a perfect plot twist and ending. Brilliant acting by Dujardin and Marie-Jos (C)e Croze.

Kyle G (jp) wrote: Trippy and adventurous, with a throwaway lo-fi grunge that's fairly amusing. The performances waver between goofy and strange, between wacky and just plain sick; I especially love Brad Dourif as the psycho-cantankerous Uncle Ted. His all-out, balls-to-the-wall performance is funny and disturbing at the same time: "Only faggots and negroes with attitude become actors!"And from strange thematic brushes like that, along with the basic premise of amateur-actor-killing-overbearing-mother, Herzog and Lynch are able to spin out a quirky meditation on art. Between Peruvian wilderness (where spiritualism rules) and a dull theatre workshop (where parables like Tantalus's seem to rule), we see Brad McCullum -- perfectly played, in a crazy zigzag between insanity and quirk, by a very intense Michael Shannon -- descend into murder.

BJ W (au) wrote: Marko Zaror is a name that I will be paying attention to from now on.

Bruno L (kr) wrote: Good, but predictable. It didn't offer too many surprises. What it did offer was good acting which contributed to the portrayal of the different character types residing in and adapting to prisons.

Thomas K (mx) wrote: I had a great time at this film when it first came out and I'm still really fond of it.

Stephen J (gb) wrote: As neo-noir goes, this one pretty much lives up to billing. Patric is excellent, while Dern and Ward are fairly dim lights in this gritty and erotic thriller. It may not be atmospheric but manages to hit the spot without resorting to cliche. 7 or 8 out of 10.

Alastair W (kr) wrote: "Its only at the end when the films true meaning dawns on you". A slow builder and not nearly as quirky or humorous as compared with Woody Allens other "greats" such as Annie Hall or Hannah and her sisters. Nonetheless, Allen has delivered an engaging film, setting his usual existential themes against the back drop of 2 seemingly connected characters. The ending scene is one of his best. I would only criticise the somewhat sleepy first half, which whilst entertaining, pales when compared to scenes from Woody Allens other films.

Clinton K (ca) wrote: Ah, Ed Wood, where would the world be without you? (Almost joyfully) cheesy and bad.

Steven P (es) wrote: House side falls around Buster through window. He is very athletic.

Scotty W (it) wrote: A poor supernatural-bent version of Alien. It never gets as crazy or as self-aware as it needs to be really succeed. Almost a waste of an amazing cast, Paul WS Anderson at least makes a cool looking movie with fantastic production design and visual effects.

Jen A (mx) wrote: Great movie, like to watch at Christmas. "Hello Joyce?" CLASSIC!