All is peaceful in the lovely land of RARG, that is, until an old professor & a tiny baby make an alarming discovery about the nature of dreams...

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Connor R (ag) wrote: I'm only halfway through this flick and I can tell you I've already lost all interest in it. Not even the greatest horror ending since the Sixth Sense could salvage tis snoozefest.

Natalie S (br) wrote: I watched it once a while ago on TV so I don't remember all, but I liked it at the time.

Zackaria H (kr) wrote: I really didn't know what to expect from this,since it begun,i thought ok! ummm a successful soap opera star making a cross-over english movie,B-actors and bad picture!!! But the more i saw it,the more i laughed!!! this was great,the script was so-so! Her english is great and understandable but dull in acting sometimes! This movie really got me off-guarded! And yeah,it's watchable!

Filippo V (br) wrote: Non esattamente il film pi intellettuale che io abbia mai visto, ma questo secondo capitolo porta di sicuro un po' di sano e temporaneo divertimento. Sorprendentemente ho trovato il film ben scritto e ben interpretato, con nuovi personaggi molto simpatici ed interessanti. Anche se manca la maggior parte del cast originale e nonostante il basso livello generale del film, sono rimasto parzialmente soddisfatto da questo sequel, che secondo il mio modesto parere uguaglia il suo predecessore.

Phillip B (mx) wrote: original story, fairly good animation and character designs. A bit strange but interesting well worth a look.

Mateo W (us) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie. I love time travel stories. However this came across more as a propaganda film than anything else. The plot and character development took a backseat to the nationalistic sentiment that seemed to be the point of the film. There's so much more they could have done with this - develop Sakamoto's character, expand on the scifi/alt history angle, ect. It is kinda cool that it explores what would happen if Korea never became independent from Japan, but the world it presents is so one sided it borders on racist. (Japanese are all evil, Koreans are all awesome)So, I guess if you're Korean and you're in a patriotic mood, it's worth a watch. Otherwise don't bother - the movie sounds great from the description, but fails to deliver.

Dustin W (us) wrote: Deserves a way better review than what the critics gave it.

Dan F (us) wrote: Mirrors the novel, which won the Booker Prize. That's a good thing.

RaraRafIqah F (de) wrote: Watching this movie was a blast. I can't even explain this movie because it is so weird but entertaining at the same time. The storyline was ridiculous but Jackie Chan was amazing in this. Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. :)

Mehmet H (fr) wrote: Cyrill Collard i miss you

Stuart M (gb) wrote: A pretty good TV movie about the catching of the vile serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Brian Dennehy is amazing as the killer, conveying both working class charm with a rarely seen sinister edge that isn't overplayed but is clearly lethal. It's a refreshing change from the classy or maniacal serial killers beloved by Hollywood. On the other hand, the cop pursuing him is bland as molasses. And the plot, being based on a true story, lacks the thrills of a fictional account. Still, a good story.

Luc L (br) wrote: An interesting film that focus the lives affected by the House of Un-American Activities Committee examination of Hollywood blacklist.

Claraclogs M (jp) wrote: My all time favourite film! I'd love to do a "Shirley Valentine" and not come home again!!

Matthew C (gb) wrote: Well I think I heartily agree with the critics on this one. Best way to describe this mashup is a series of episodes based on Hunter Thompson that don't add up to anything and won't have an impact beyond infrequent laughs from Bill Murray's always funny one liners and slurring downbeat demeanor interrupted by outrageous outbursts. Peter Boyle isn't given much room to shine and as for the episodes of so called adventures and experiences, I can see why Hunter Thompson himself didn't like the movie, except for Bill Murray. The film is just poorly told and a waste.

Randy W (gb) wrote: Great film and a real reaction if your parents are murdered.

Adam M (fr) wrote: Great set pieces, crazy living-dead-universe and outstanding Michael Keaton. I missed more of character and story developent but nevertheless BEETLEJUICE is unique and darkly funny piece of entertainment.

Jack S (it) wrote: Soooooooooooo corny, laughed the whole time! And this was when I was the perfect age for this schlock.