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Zaenal A (gb) wrote: sepintas mirip sama kelakuan jason segel di jeff, who lives at home.

Rambling T (us) wrote: Good documentary. Could've been better.

Andrew H (gb) wrote: Not good at all. Just bad.

Serge L (fr) wrote: Nice story about a guy with a plan to get rich quick backfiring somehow. Like so many englishes though, he is full of it. This would be a TV movie, pleasantly displaying the local lives. Well played and well developped characters. We get to feel the home in this place with warm and pleasant weather every day. Romance wins more than money here.

Daniel C (au) wrote: Jim & Michelle's wedding plans turn interesting when Stifler gets involved.At the time American Wedding came out it appeared to be the perfect wrap-up to the series and all good things came in threes. Jim had proposed to Michelle (through a somewhat typically embarrassing moment in a fancy restaurant) and the American Pie characters (those who remained) were now involved with the wedding preparations. Cue the formula that ran successfully in the previous two instalments.For whatever reason though, this outing appears to be the Stifler show with his character taking much of centre stage throughout. It's really about his quest to get with Michelle's sister and putting on a false persona to do so. I guess it works and there probably is only so much that Jim's character could do if he were to carry the film.What results is lots of crude humour, more bare skin and a scene involving dog poo that's best forgotten (and easily avoidable in a real world situation surely!)American Wedding brought the trilogy to a decent end - until someone reopened the book with the Reunion.

Iesha M (ag) wrote: lo love and basketball

Stanley C (br) wrote: Dead Presidents is proof that movies can be creative with what makes a bank robber, and in this case the ironic concept is that Silver Star-winning veterans of the Vietnam War commit a robbery that turns the country against them.

Alan V (ca) wrote: Hilarious. Rusty Cundieff needs to get back in front of the camera.

Simon D (it) wrote: I was so embarrassed for Jim Carrey watching this. I can't believe that he can thank this character for springboarding his career. It is really so cringeworthy and such a bad film, not to mention the quite racist elements to this. How he managed to survive after making this piece of cack is a real miracle.

Nelson x (ag) wrote: The story is provocative, if not particularly original. The "collective silence that shields a dark family secret unravels with the death of its patriarch" is a premise that we've seen before in both the suspense and the horror genre. In the attempt to fully convey the relationship between Paul and Celia, some of the relationships between supporting characters that were integral to the "family secret" were blanketed over in the film. This problem might be in part caused by the story's translation from book to film. The result is that character motivations seem less compelling, and rather than ambiguities aimed to produce thoughtful reflections and conversations among the viewers, the climax leaves the audience in a state of confusion. It's still one of the smarter films I've seen this year, but it could have been...better.

Conrad T (gb) wrote: A good story and fun to watch.

Peter B (ca) wrote: Mocking Romcom cliches does not justify using those same cliches. Still the chemistry between Evans and Monaghan is strong, making this a mostly enjoyable fluff film.

Chris Y (gb) wrote: Great acting enjoyed it but it was really missing plot details that were important and had to many details that were completely useless.