The story of the charlatan Gustaf Raskenstam life and times during World War II, who for financial gain seduced a large number of women.

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Raskenstam torrent reviews

Karen F (kr) wrote: Yeah Canada! Love this simple story this one went off the radar guess because it is Canadian but great movie freakin me out!

Emanuel L (gb) wrote: If you thought you know about black women's hair you haven't seen all

Kara B (fr) wrote: As melancholy and oppressing as you'd expect from a Romanian film, but I still recommend it. Doroteea Petre played the title role beautifully understated. You root for her from the get-go. Great score as well.

Dimity P (ag) wrote: I don't know (or care about) the first thing about cricket, but I loved this movie. It was a great story and had a point. It was cute and powerful-I would highly recommend.

Haley A (kr) wrote: wonderful unbelievable true story <3

Dawn T (kr) wrote: Left out details from the book that would've made it more interesting... The ending is different as well...

Kioku Kage Ryu (de) wrote: read the other review too it aint perfect but it tried

Kendyl C (gb) wrote: Although controversial, exploitive, and yes, very violent and capable of shocking viewers unfamiliar with the genre, I Spit On Your Grave has no depth beneath its subject of sexual harassment and becomes visibly dull as the film presses on.

Ariadne M (ru) wrote: It's difficult to find a good film about romantic relationships these days. So, this one is probably an exception. A sweet story without much trivial dialogue, interesting editing to support a kind of non-linear narration and lovely performances by its protagonists. A bittersweet and delightful trip.

Heather M (jp) wrote: The cast was great and the magical escapades of this band of thieves are very entertaining.