Student Raskolnikow, who has written an article about laws and crime, proposing the thesis, that un-ordinary people can commit crimes if their actions are necessary for the benifit of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathon M (mx) wrote: I really liked this movie, it's Superman how he should be.If only the animation was better.

Heather M (kr) wrote: This was a very sappy movie that never seemed to go anywhere. In the end the previously dysfunctional family is happy together, but nothing profound happens that makes any sense.

Martin G (nl) wrote: Un LeVar Burton toujours aussi excellent

David D (gb) wrote: A teen drama that turns into a thriller, suddenly (but not unexpectedly) more than half way through. The story is very well told and the young actors do an excellent job. A very fine drama.

Kolla J (it) wrote: ?essi mynd er ein af perlum skrar kvikmyndageralistar. G fjlskyldusaga. Mli eindregi me essari.

Brett B (au) wrote: Goofy in the extreme, this film manages to avoid being a total failure only because of Peter Cushing, who (even with an awful, ridiculous screenplay) still manages to deliver a great performance.

Joseph T (ru) wrote: Essential Bunuel. The fact that he made this after just being allowed to make another film in Spain after years of exile only to have it suppressed by the government doesn't make it any better (few things could), but shows what an effectively blasphemous piece of art it is. No one was better at blasphemy than Bunuel.

Andrew K (gb) wrote: One of my absolute favorite Bela Lugosi movies.

Joseph J (au) wrote: This is the exact definition of a great movie! I loved every moment of it. The one thing that I didn't like was the corny acting. It could've been better.

Christian S (us) wrote: Une biographie qui dnonce la haine et la vengeance politique du nord envers le sud qui tuer des innocents.

David A (br) wrote: oddly directed, well acted and at times funny three kings is a classic David O Russell film

Bryan H (gb) wrote: While the movie emulates its predecessors very well, it doesn't quite follow in the steps of the previous movies enough to make it worthy of the name. Ed Skrein plays a convincing Frank Martin, but he's overshadowed by his co-star Loan Chabanol and her character's story. Ray Stevenson plays Frank Martin Sr., an entertaining and playful father figure to Frank Jr. that's become a somewhat expected compliment to a character like Frank. Beyond what we're shown, no further depth is added to the story behind the antagonist, Frank, and Anna, thus not really allowing much attachment to the characters. All in all, an action-focused flick that while is particularly well made with few plot holes, decent acting, and CGI that blends better than expected, doesn't offer much else than what is usually expected for a movie of its genre.