Rat Fever

Rat Fever

Rat Fever is the alcohol-drenched story of an unrequited love. The poet Zizo, a pure-bred anarchist, is lost as soon as he meets the sober Eneida. She doesn't mind being his muse, but she ...

Zizo, a radical and anarchist poet living in a marginal quarter of Recife in the north eastern state of Pernambuco, distributes his social angst-filled thoughts through a publication named Febre do Rato, and spews poetry to anyone who’d listen. Our character always revolves within the universe that he has created around himself. A very particular world, in which satisfying the unfortunate is a mixture of a kind of benefit with high dose of malice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna C (au) wrote: A very good story, good cast, but there's something missing; anyway it's over the average.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (gb) wrote: well a movie that I don't recall much of, but it was ok

Krista B (es) wrote: A confused ghost story that clumsily flip-flops between pure horror and black comedy. Still, the effort is genuine, and occasionally the scares and laughs do hit their marks. Decent for unwavering fans of ghost stories and Asian horror, but otherwise unremarkable.

Tash O (ag) wrote: One of the first J-Horror movies I'd ever seen...before the ring and the grudge...very much worth the watch...

Jamie B (ru) wrote: It is exactly what it is supposed to be - conversation-provoking, controversial, and just plain interesting. Everything is told in a quite unbiased way, letting the material simply speak for itself.

Jason H (mx) wrote: This is a tough one to rate. Nothing stands out to make it great and clearly the plot is a recipe for a bad movie...but it isn't bad. Chaney makes his horror debut here and plays a pretty sympathetic role...which he would play a few of in his time. It isn't bad...but it isn't great...it just is. It is better that it's unofficial remake starring Chaney as well...The Indestructible Man I believe. Not saying much though. There are definatly worse things to watch out there!

Kevin R (ag) wrote: You said I had a soul. I looked for it and didn't find it.In the early 1900s, a saucy nightclub singer has caught the eyes of her current steady who happens to be a gangster, a young handsome league member, and a police detective. The gangster is locked up for a year allowing the singer to dabble in some other areas. When the convict gets out of jail, no one is safe including the singer. Can the singer find a lover that is right for her or will the gangster kill all of her options?"You play that like it hurts you.""It does."Lowell Sherman, director of Born to be Bad, Nightlife of the Gods, False Faces, The Pay-Off, Ladies of the Jury, Morning Glory, and The Royal Bed, delivers She Done Him Wrong. The storyline for this story is interesting and fun to watch unfold. The dialogue is very good and well written. The acting is unbelievably good and the cast includes legends Cary Grant, Mae West, Gilbert Roland, and Owen Moore."What would you do if someone tried to take her away from you?""Probably nothing...to her..."Cary Grant costarring Mae West as the lead was really a fascinating combination that intrigued me going into this movie. I did really like the picture and felt the characters were delivered very well. Grant was a little more pointed than normal and West was extremely sassy. This is definitely a must see for fans of the classics."If I can wait a year you can wait a year."Grade: B

Plain C (au) wrote: I need to watch this again but i remember it being great.

Rob F (au) wrote: My favourite of the three CGI crazy films. Great lightsabre battle at the end saves the slightly boring first half.

Matthew D (us) wrote: As someone that doesnt believe in Heaven, I still love this movie. It sucks you in and takes you away to another world. You will cry.