The protagonist is trapped within himself and is unable to comprehend the changes taking place around him.

Set in rural Kerala, the story of Rat-Trap concerns Unni, the last male heir of a decaying feudal family. His inability to accept the socio-economic changes of a new society result in his gradual withdrawal into isolation and paranoia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Arthur S (gb) wrote: A mish-mash of crazy New York stories, Fort Tilden tells the story of an unnecessarily hard journey of two girls who don't realize that they have no redeeming qualities. Funny one-liners keep you from getting up, leaving the theater, and asking for a refund. That the unlikeable characters aren't dead by the end is a shame. This is a film about New Yorkers written by people who only seem to have heard about NYC from others. (Yes, I know the writers went to grad school here.) The film is simply not funny and the plot is less believable than a Star War. Don't wait until Netflix you'll never get those two hours back.

Eileen B (it) wrote: This is a very good doc that examines the life of the porn stars before and after they were stars. If you are into porn you might want to see this. If you are interested in why folks do the things they do this is a must see. There is no porn in this movie if that is what you are hoping to see.

Nevada M (gb) wrote: A "comedy" only Chris Greene would enjoy.

Justin B (us) wrote: People like to hate on this as being Disney's worst but had this been Dreamworks' nobody would have cared. It's forgettable but does the job well enough. It's a colourful buoyant distraction for the kids.

Roch C (it) wrote: One of the sickest movie ever.

Navin J (de) wrote: nice way to pass 2hrs - nothing innovative or ground-breaking in this movie but interesting enough to watch in netflix streaming video.

Will D (ru) wrote: One of the most highly acclaimed atrocities I've ever seen. I bloody hated every second.

Mark S (fr) wrote: One of the earliest British 'heist' movies, this is quite reminiscent of such Ealing comedies as The Lavender Hill Mob & The Ladykillers. Now totally overlooked (proof being that I'm only the second person on facebook to ever review it), the film was nevertheless very successful back in its' day, & is an enjoyable mix of (decidedly English) humour and thrills. It's dated, and is constricted by the generic rule of the day that bad guys couldn't come out on top, no matter how good they were, but it deserves more than cinematic oblivion.

Brad S (us) wrote: This1948 film directed by Howard Hawks is one of the great Westerns of all-time. Starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift, it really is good. I wasn't getting into it for the first 20mins, but then it took hold. Both Wayne and Clift are excellent. A great film all movie lovers should check out!

Bill M (ru) wrote: Ten years on this Keanu Reeve's action/horror/fantasy looks more and more unique and fucking odd in so many ways, especially compared with most mainstream comic book fare now. Visually brilliant, decadently dark, weird as hell and oh so cool, it's a detective story, film noir, supernatural/religious horror, dark fantasy and an out and out violent action film. Filled with bizarre, arresting imagery (Hieronymus Bosch would have gotten a kick out of the movies spectacular vision of hell, like a neverending nuclear blast in slow motion) strange details like a crucifix knuckle duster, alternately a bath tub or pale of water that serves as a doorway to hell ("Water lubricates the transition") the devils tar covered bare feet (Peter Stomare having a great time) add a certain dark oddball madness to the film and there are some truly creepy scenes straight out of a great horror flick. An inventive, subversive, cool and eerie anomaly of a big budget blockbuster film.

Jamey D (jp) wrote: I do feel this is a more intelligent meteor movie than Armageddon. It's a lot more low-key and emotional, playing on the drama aspect rather than action. Some parts of the film, however, are TOO low key, which is a bit of a shame. I had more fun here, but it's not the greatest movie by any means.

007 W (ca) wrote: Megamind is alright, it wasn't terrible, but this movie got a lot better as it went along, the problem is in the end the all have a dance number and you're like oh god just stop, another problem is the first 5 minutes of the movie, but everything else is good so I get this movie a 7/10

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