Bollywood 1997

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Gena D (it) wrote: Great film! Not preachy. Just right!

Andre H (nl) wrote: The visuals and soundtrack is fantastic. The storyline has some substance to it, perhaps a little at the expense of the entertainment value. A fantastic effort nonetheless from this African independent animation studio.

Guillermo A (au) wrote: weird, funny sometimes, boring other times. An Independent film in all is name.

Fong K (ru) wrote: viewed on 20/10/04 (Wed)Watching this docudrama has a kind of calming effect. Everything happens so placidly. There is no hurry at all to tell the story and even at a screensaver mode, you will not miss much and still appreciate it.Yes there is a crisis. A mother camel refuses her new colt her milk and hence the family has to send the eldest son and his chubby younger brother to town to ... look for musician. The second last scene is the musician playing the music somehow coaxing the mother camel to feed her colt. It works and the mother camel appears to be crying hence the title. The last scene is the family celebrating the occasion as if the camel is very much a part of the family. I admit I do not really jump out of my seat and applaud for the movie but I have to say it is really an eye-opening experience to see such a truly docudrama when documentary and drama weaves together so seamlessly.Rating: B+ Expected Rating: B

Tanja O (jp) wrote: This film was just bad. Really bad. And what made it even worse was that they made fun of David Lynch. You don't make fun of him, especially when you're Martin Short. He should just quit, he's not funny just sad.

Art R (kr) wrote: I liked this one a lot more than the second movie. had some decent laughs. This one is my favorite out of the three.

Faisal A (au) wrote: Boring, dumb and uninspiring. The devil is easily one of the most powerful beings in mythology (if not the second most), and he is reduced to performing tricks best suited for Victorian parlour games and at P.T. Barnum carnival shows. The acting is mostly horrendous form all, save for Kevin Pollak, Robin Tunney and Rod Steiger. Honestly, this is extremely contrived, lazy and full of the silliest moments of convenience. I never believed Arnie was a alcoholic, enraged bodyguard grieving the loss of his wife and child...he was just a moronic Arnie in the end. Come to think of it, I have to thank this film for giving me some hilarious Arnie moments when he swears; that never gets old.

Facebook U (ag) wrote: Just saw this old film about a so-called experiment where the doctors would forbid treatments to patients because they were african-americans and to prove they would die the same way that white people would die. This would be absolutely unethical today. It was at the time but being unethical is what the english invasion was all about. The invasion was not possible any other way. Just think about it. Now that the large majority is assimilated, they can relax a notch. Well,pretty good film. Good tv film, well acted. True story. In the synopsis, they say that some were injected with syphillis but in the film, it was not clear that they were injected with it. It is rather inferred that they all had it already. I find it hard to believe that they would infect people a deadly disease without consent and without treatment in the 1930s, although the englishes are known to have done much worse to the natives before. Mmmh, it's possible. And a look online shows that it did happen. It makes sense now that so many people believe 9-11 was a government plot from the start.

Todd G (ru) wrote: A beautiful film. Recommended to all!

Tuomas S (gb) wrote: Another masterpiece from our best director Aki Kaurismki.


Andrea C (au) wrote: It's a nice commedy, and well written, some parts of it might rapresent the real life