Rater Rajanigandha

Rater Rajanigandha


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Rater Rajanigandha 1973 full movies, Rater Rajanigandha torrents movie

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Guido S (ca) wrote: In a comedic take on the cabin-in-the-woods movie, a group of workers at an arms maker go to a remote cabin for a retreat. However, things aren't quite what they think and there are traps all over as well as a killer and a military group. It gets better when they find the real cabin and the film ends decently. I felt the beginning was good up until everyone was getting killed. It felt a little too random for me at that point and I started to lose interest. It picked up near the end, but not enough to make up for the middle parts.

David B (mx) wrote: Solid film-making, great character development.... it wasn't necessary to tie up *all* the loose ends though, really.

Brian C (it) wrote: Stylish anthology to seemingly unrelated stories that get tied together at the end. Dani Filth plays 'The Man' who ties all of the stories together.Each story has gruesome elements, and some work and some don't. The best of the stories is the segment on the Internet guy. That was actually believable as a potentially real story. Also the segment of the guy with the missing leg was quite good.The other segments were ok, nothing remarkable. Each story had moments of gore and some silly effects, but overall wasn't bad.

Savoy C (mx) wrote: Tim Burton spooks us all again, this time in his animated film "Corpse Bride" (2005). Using stop-motion-animation, this film includes all the elements of a classic Tim Burton cinematic experience: music, heavy make-up, dark scenery, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter. Depp and Carter work flawlessly together as the voices of the main characters Victor and his corpse bride, Emily. This is not surprising, since they have appeared together in almost every movie produced by Burton in the past few decades. Joining them is Emily Watson, who plays Victor's fiance, Victoria. After a rehearsal wedding gone awry, Emily pulls Victor into the world of the dead! Terrified, Victor's only goal is to return to his true love Victoria, in the world of the living. The tale that follows is harrowed with love, deception, passion, betrayal, joy, and sorrow. Burton provides us with a world in which the dead are more alive than the living. The gothic, twisted features sported by the many characters, as well as the spiraling, Victorian settings are faintly unsettling, and add to the overall effect. The film is aimed for a young audience, however, this musical extravaganza is one that anyone will enjoy!

S S (es) wrote: Tu Mujhe Kabool Mein Tujhe Kabool Is Baat ka Gawah Khuda Khuda Gawah.....

Carlton R (fr) wrote: Charlton Heston in yet another 70s disaster movie, some of the film, especially the rescue from the tower block after the shock is very Towering inferno, but the special effects are very good, Must have taken quite a bit of work to build all those sets, Ava Gardner is an added treat as is Richard Roundtree, Even if his acting skills out number his clear ego, enjoyable film built around the cast, And will that Dam burst? Nobody does 70s like this , it is a genre piece to cherish

Dan K (ca) wrote: The Nancy Sinatra theme song is probably second only to Goldfinger's opening theme. Solid entry to the Bond collection.

Brian B (br) wrote: Once Rosemary's Baby takes off, it becomes a brilliant psychological and claustrophobic horror film.After a woman gets pregnant, she becomes increasingly suspicious as a result of bizarre coincidences and occurrences. She then starts to expect the worst and slowly starts to dip into insanity.The film's construction is amazing. Things start off slow and then slowly build up. Things gradually pick up speed to make us more nervous. The events start off a bit slow at first but once the movie picks up, it keeps us on the edge of our seats and we're left on our seats dying to find out what happens next.This is definitely one of the more atmospheric, subtle, and creepy horror films out there. It's really rare that you find a film like this anymore. Most horror films are "in your face" nowadays but this one sneaks up on you and messes with your head throughout it.The score is amazing. The soft motherly voice and the shill instruments get under our skin and it sets up what kind of movie this is. Mia Farrow gave an outstanding performance. She did a great job setting scenes with her facial expressions. The other supporting actors and actresses were great but Mia did the best job.To be honest though, I saw the ending coming from a mile away. I'm not going to say what it is but it was very predictable. I would've been surprised if my prediction about what I think would happen wasn't correct. During the film, I thought "I don't think they're going to do this. It would be way too predictable".The ending needed work. It wasn't completely terrible but it wasn't all that surprising like I hoped it to be. Despite that, the movie is still a phenomenal work of horror. It's claustrophobic and it has a great pacing. It's guaranteed to get under your skin.

Wes P (ru) wrote: Now that's some classic Schtick!