In a flash of blood-drenched violence, Crystal Brewer's life has taken an unexpected turn. On the run from the law for her part in a gruesome drug-money heist gone wrong, she has become seduced into a seedy underworld of death and betrayal. Escaping into the night with her half-sister Kim, Crystal seeks refuge in a small Midwestern town to make sense of her life-threatening ordeal. However, any plans for solace are soon derailed when she crosses paths with Frank Logan, a mysterious stranger with a bloody history of his own. Crystal's initial intrigue with Logan's sinister allure soon gives way to sheer terror as his vile intentions for her are revealed. As a new wave of violence threatens to destroy those close to her, Crystal is forced to make a terrifying decision. Will she stop Logan before more innocent blood is spilled? Or will she join him in resurrecting an evil that could consume the world?

In a flash of blood-drenched violence, Crystal Brewer's life has taken an unexpected turn. On the run from the law for her part in a gruesome drug-money heist gone wrong, she has become ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicki M (ca) wrote: Okay thriller. I liked it more than the book. But there was something a bit lacking. Not as bad as some reviews imply though. Decent amount of suspense and good acting.

Haniffa I (ag) wrote: A must watch for educators and funk lovers all over the world!

Ellen G (au) wrote: Tja var litt smvittig til tider, men skle litt ut av den.

Kathy D (es) wrote: It started pretty slow, but i watched anyway. Not too bad until you get to the end. THAT was pretty stupid, then I wondered why I even stuck it out. 3-31/2

Laura M (de) wrote: It was ok it was just really slow.

Anthony I (kr) wrote: Heartbreaking, courageous and absolutely sitting at the right sentiment of the American heart. World Trade Center is a gracious tribute to the lives lost on 9/11, but sometimes, it just isn't enough. The victims deserved better a film than this. I'm aware of how good hearted it is, but Oliver Stone is painting the most horrific tragedy in American history with awfully broad strokes. If only it went deeper. It should've explored the innocent civilians, and their impact on the events. The men and women who worked in the towers, why didn't we see their side of the story? The story of the firemen is fascinating, true and honorable, but they only represented a fraction of what was damaged. I praise Stone for making such a respectable piece, and for tackling this uneasy topic, and ESPECIALLY for resisting the urge to make some kind of controversial, one-sided argument that one would expect from him... this material didn't call for it, and Stone was wise enough to know that. All of it is worthwhile, but it doesn't capture the loss, heartache, and hope as it should've.

scott g (ru) wrote: entertaining in parts which does move it along bot overshadowed by enough bad comedy, but when its working as a indie drama its entertaining, as usuall mila kunis is great to watch, and ben gourley not seen before who are entertaining to watch, but jon heder does spoil things a lot

Fernando C (es) wrote: not as good as the first one, but still very funny

Matthew C (ag) wrote: A cute, if completely forgettable movie about an alien woman and a doofy young man and the romance that buds between them. There's not much to recommend it. But if you enjoy very, very 80s films or the performances of a young James Spader, then check this one out.

Christian del Piero L (jp) wrote: THUNDERBALL (2016) Calificacin: 7.3/10

Kyle R (it) wrote: I was extremely impressed by this early film of Milos Forman's. I laughed in delight through the entire film. The script is amazing and the actors play it perfectly. Definitely czech this one out.