The Brookedale Psychiatric Hospital is a crumbling institution which barely has enough money to remain open. Formerly a prison, it sits atop a warren of tunnels and sewage system viaducts. But Brookdale has a secret - a secret known by only one person. There's something living in the tunnels - something that's developed a taste for human blood...

"The Brookdale Institute" is a mysterious, little-known hospital for the criminally insane (a fact which is kept on a need-to know basis). Brookdale has another, more lucrative facet; a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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andrew p (kr) wrote: Rami Malek is a scene stealer its great

William D (ru) wrote: Another good documentary. This ones about renowned asshole and author Harlan Ellison. He is an entertaining prick.

Jamie C (kr) wrote: Not as good as the first, More silly than funny, But still not bad, Kids will love it just as much though and lets face it the movie is for them and not for critics who don't have a sense of humour and expect an Oscar performance from a Scooby-Doo film.

Michael (ag) wrote: shooting principals = tuff times

Jos M (it) wrote: Woody Allen's sweet potential greek tragedy presents yet another brilliant script from Allen, with quirky characters, amazing dialogues. But the film's best element is the outstanding award-worthy Mira Sorvino, who brings such joy and innocence to her role that is hard not to like her.

Kevin D (ru) wrote: It may be stupid, but it's a special kind of stupid and some jokes that really made me laugh out loud

Aaron M (br) wrote: Although logic isn't what they were going for, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is still a great film. I kind of missed Laurie, but Jamie is an awesome character, so it's okay. However, they don't tell us really what has happened to her either. Some scenes seem to go on FOREVER, but were still interesting. The ending scares you and was completely unexpected. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers refreshed the series.

Carter H (kr) wrote: Boring trash. No emotional connection and very cliche. What a waste.

Shane J (jp) wrote: wow a modern(well 80's) take on frankenstein with a robots wizz putting a computer chip on his next door neighbour after she is killed by her abusive father. of course it all goes wrong and she ends up on a killing spree going after people who have pissed her off in the 1st half of the film. its genius stuff all round totally unbelievable and some really dodgy acting,well its the 80's. never even heard of this film until recently and was shocked to see wes cravens name attached, its a terrible movie really but if you watch it in the right mood funny stuff

Kevin R (ca) wrote: Do you know how to get good penetration? Molly McGrath grew up a daddy?s girl and always wanted to play football. She realized as at a young age she could never play football and quickly transitioned her goal to coaching football. Eventually, an offer to coach a high school team is presented to her and she jumps at the opportunity to realize her goal; however, when she discovers that the team is horrible and full of misfits, she is reluctant to pursue her goal any further. Molly also struggles with the fact that coaching is taking her time away from her children. Will Molly decide that coaching isn?t worth it or will she turn the football program around like she always dreamed of? ?If you?re going to search his jock, I?d rather you shake my hand first.? Michael Ritchie, director of The Scout, Diggstown, The Golden Child, Fletch, Fletch Lives, Student Bodies, and The Bad News Bears (1976), delivers Wildcats. The storyline for this picture is interested and was better than I anticipated. It reminded me a little of The Adventures in Babysitting. The acting was solid and the cast includes Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, and Goldie Hawn. ?What?s your name and favorite sexual position?? Wildcats is a film I remember watching as a kid and thinking it was just okay. I always did like Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson in this picture. Goldie Hawn delivered a solid performance in the lead role; however, the final game was a bit predictable, like most sports movies, and seemed a bit unimaginative. Overall, this film is worth watching, like the Major Leagues pictures, but may not be worth having in your DVD collection. ?Let?s go eat some pussy!? Grade: C+

Mark D (nl) wrote: Scorsese's parents talking about the good old days. I thought it was wonderful.

Marischa B (kr) wrote: "From now until the end of time today and everyday shall be know as secretaries day!" Mike (Astin) and Rodney (Vartan) are the best salesmen and Treadstone tire, and they know it. Being rude to everyone has become standard fare until their boss dies. When Ken Castro (Cross), who has been the brunt of their jokes, takes over he immediately demotes them to secretaries. The two realize how they have been and begin to change their ways. I will start by saying that I liked this movie and laughed quite a bit but this is also nothing amazing at all. Very predictable and pretty much a no substance movie but it is worth watching and I liked it. Think "Office Space" but a step above on the absurd scale. There really is nothing to say about this as there is really nothing to it but I again liked it and I think it is worth checking out. Overall, if you liked "Office Space" you will like this. This are worse ways to spend an hour and a half.

Cliff M (br) wrote: Anybody for popcorn, because that's the type of movie this is. You can turn off your thinking cell for 90 mins whilst watching this. Highlight of this is Michael Chiklis the Thing, which is the heart and rock of this movie.

Cade H (ru) wrote: This third installment in the Hellraiser series was the best yet. While it never was more then a decent film, it did enough to make it a worthwhile horror movie with a pretty deranged killer, Pinhead. Like the others, the past history of this whole ordeal is brought up often and in more detail to show the viewers the backstory about how things came to be this way. I enjoyed how things took place in the real world this time instead of like the first two films which mainly took place in a crazy, outer world full of strange unexplainable demons. There were still some ridiculously dumb parts but at least having Pinhead be on earth and seeming more like a true slasher murder, it brought something more to the film. This one left off with a lead in to the next film and lets hope they build off this one and make the series even better.

Marcelle M (kr) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Rotimer J (kr) wrote: Undoubtedly dumb and goofy, but I found it a lot of fun