Rats and Cats

Rats and Cats

Rats and cats is a dark, satirical comedy about a fallen star and broken dreams. It is about fame and our culture of obsession. Actor Darren McWarren (Jason Gann) starred in soap, mini-series and film before destroying his career with a series of indiscretions. Now McWarren is out of the industry and living in a small town in Western Victoria he can do whatever he wants. When a journalist decides to write a "Where are they now" profile on McWarren, he finds the former star has become a modern day Errol Flynn. The local girls want to fornicate with him and their fellas want to fight him. He mightn't have found love - but it's the next best thing.

Actor Darren McWarren starred in soap, mini-series and film before destroying his career with a series of indiscretions. Now McWarren is out of the industry and living in a small town in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul M (us) wrote: I agree with Luke's opinions...guess I'm in the minority also.

Stacey O (mx) wrote: Really enjoyable and funny romantic comedy. Diane Kruger can do no wrong.

Agustn S (ag) wrote: The Way He Looks constatly pull at the heart strings as much as it allows it's cast and characters to shine and grow. Heartfelt, authentic, tender and uplifting, this is the kind of movie that leaves a smile on your face and your eyes wet in the best possible way.

Adrienne K (fr) wrote: So visually pleasing and such a great trigger for the imagination.

KarlJohan L (ca) wrote: Not so bad. Have seen better movies in this category though.

Tristan M (nl) wrote: Having Ewan McGregor is mostly the only reason I watched this movie at all, and the fact that having Michael Bay as the director confirmed some action that would keep me awake. At first although not blown away by anything everything seemed quite good, although confusing as as don't know for sure exactly what's going on but in the end the plot is actually a cool idea, using cloned people as an 'insurance policy' meant for the rich who can afford, basically a replica of you for body parts as you age, assuring longer life. It's different and original, and isn't badly played out. The CGI is typical of Bay, and eventually all hell breaks lose into a mess of explosions and cars being totalled, which was something I was jokingly commenting on it not having earlier in the film, until of course it happens, typical Bay. It was actually cool to see the cars being completely destroyed by train wheels falling off the truck, but out main characters should have died many times, not to mention falling 70 stories off a building on a huge sign, landing in a net and surviving... It ends how we could have imagined, and there's no surprises there, however it wasn't a bad ending. Overall the movie ok I guess, the action wasn't bad, it was fun to watch at least, the idea was new, and I'm actually surprised at how I turned out, and how Bay hasn't since turned it into a series as he did with transformers, which is something this movie could have actually maybe done well with proper development.

Marc M (es) wrote: Excellent film about the global fight against the privatization and commoditization of fresh water by transnational corporations.

Lee M (ca) wrote: An earnest but poorly told and weakly acted military drama.

Timm S (fr) wrote: Not The Kind Of Flick You'd Want To Rate Highly, But This Is So True To Real-Life Issues Of Today..It's Scarcerily Good. But Not For Kiddies To Be Watching, It's Got Some Confronting Material.

Galuh T (fr) wrote: very entertaining, i thought this movie was gonna be hilarious.but not very dissapointed tho' cuz it was funny. i mean the idea itself was already intriguing and funny! i love the part when one of the ghosts said 'wow my ex is a mayor now' hahaha

Jay B (mx) wrote: Not what you expect from the trailer at all. More of a dark, slow, comedy with a bit of drama sprinkled about. Neve is really great here, but the movie around her certainly is not.

Akin O (es) wrote: well-detailed movie......

Jos M (us) wrote: Eficiente thriller , dirigido con la maestria de Ridley Scott sin ser una gran pelicula entretiene .

Allan M (nl) wrote: Torture porn, circa 1965. Hilariously campy, capped with horrible music track loops and an insanely outrageous boob torture scene you must see before you die.

Dennis b (ca) wrote: Creepy, riveting , perverse, great movie.

Julian P (fr) wrote: One of the best horror movies I have seen in a long time. Horror is one of my favorite movie genres, so naturally I have seen a ton of them. With that being said, it takes a LOT to scare me but Grave Encounters definitely accomplished that. The best part about this movie is they didn't go for too much. It's very easy for new age horror movies to turn cheesy very quickly but Grave Encounters was solid from start to finish because they knew their limits. I'm typically not a huge fan of found footage horror movies but they did this one right. Definitely watch this movie if you are looking for a genuinely scary horror film. 9/10

Maddie M (it) wrote: great depiction of a great musical

Arslan K (jp) wrote: Marvelous movie about the outsider and his acceptance