Rats - Notte di terrore

Rats - Notte di terrore

In a post-apocalyptic Earth, a group of punk friends find themselves against millions of bloodthirsty rats - but the weirdest it yet to come.

One hundred years after a nuclear war has devastated the planet, society has been reborn into two factions; the underground society and the scavangers above in the wastelands. A group of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (it) wrote: There is a good story here somewhere but this one is a snoozer. Bad script, pacing, and dialogue..

Jed D (ag) wrote: The build up, is quite chilling but overall it was incredibly weak. Acting-wise, John Rhys-Davies, does his best to push the pace but his fellow cast members, fail to follow.

MY SWAGGA ON (ca) wrote: daddy Yankee is tha shych and tha movie it raw

Peter K (ag) wrote: Not for the easily offended but an interesting look at an interesting time in popular culture.

Thomas S (kr) wrote: Cool Idea. Great Concept. Enjoyable Movie.And dont forget the Style!

Mallory A (kr) wrote: although I enjoyed some of it, I have to say No.

LAM S (kr) wrote: This movie is so sweet....! I can feel the wonderful of love in this movie...

Darren B (it) wrote: If you fail to get this film, you were probably born in the 1980s. This film is also known as "Topaz" and is the result of Murakami's transition from writing novels (Almost Transparent Blue and Coin Locker Babies) to surrealist film. If you are familiar with the seedier sides of Japanese popular culture you'll notice Yayoi Kasuma and others prominent throughout. It is a surrealist film accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack by Ryuichi Sakamoto. If you don't get it or are repulsed, perhaps, you live a quite sheltered life in that case I would recommended "Jesus" (1979).

Carlos I (fr) wrote: So friggin awesome! It's like Goonies with adults. So classic. The Blu-Ray is so great too.

MEC r (nl) wrote: This movie is ok. Nothing that spectacular though.

Emily B (kr) wrote: I was a bit out of it when watching this and really wasn't paying attention... It seemed a bit odd, but whatever it's Kevin Bacon! I just felt smart understanding why a messanger service thing would be called Quicksilver. Lots of bikes.

Silke B (de) wrote: A man in a camelhaircoat, hot and demure librarians, alcohoism, Chinatown, men in black coats and black hats, a vanished girl...these are the ingredients for this elegant and excellent, well acted detective-story. Luckily Wenders never cave in to admit a narrator from the off.

Jake S (nl) wrote: shut up other dudes lassie comehome is beautyful and elisabeth is gorgeous