Ratu: The Movie

Ratu: The Movie


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Borhan K (it) wrote: Watched it. It was very average old time gangster runs aways from big job that went bad and then gets his family involved and its just down hill from there. Not recommended to anyone

Brandon S (jp) wrote: I wanted to love this movie but it just didn't have enough entertainment value. The characters were very one dimensional and somewhat boring, the actors did well they just didn't have much to work with. Spike Lee is a great director, "Inside Man" was a phenomenal film, but this film really just didn't have that zip, that flare. It felt as though the firefight sequences were trying very hard to have the sense of realism and grotesqueness that comes with the genre, but they ultimately just ended with action, it was all very glorified. Watchable, but not very good.

Jamey S (kr) wrote: I don't know, maybe I'm just weird or something, but I could watch this movie over and over and over. The direction and acting are as captivating as the story is weird.

SV G (mx) wrote: A fair story - so-so performances. There were elements of this I really liked, and I liked Joshua Jackson's role & performance very much and Louise Fletcher's as well. Donald Sutherland who I've always admired may have gave a little too much in this case. There were some nice analogies within the story but I think this film about knowing the worth of life just missed it's mark in the long run.

Kristin R (kr) wrote: I can't really decide if I like these low-budget indy films, and this one is no exception. While there are some fantastic performances from the cast, I can't help being left with the feeling of 'what was the whole point?'. Average overall.

Taylor R (us) wrote: I'm pretty sure I did watch this. Completely forgettable but not bad while I was watching it.

Huw G (br) wrote: More tragedy than black comedy, but a good Aussie example of the genre.

neil k (de) wrote: What the hell did I just watch?

Daniele C (br) wrote: A movie in the Hollywood old style of the 90s, with great adventures, great passion, great dramatisation. Sometimes it's be nice to have again movies like these.

bob b (br) wrote: Love Japan an this movie!!!

Sean G (ca) wrote: Don't forget Liam Neeson!

Geoff T (ru) wrote: Liam Neeson is cool.

Trex A (ru) wrote: This is a beautiful, heartbreaking, sweet love story, with terrific performances. All battles start somewhere and seem hopeless in the beginning. The moral is to never give up.

Lee P (ag) wrote: Dalton Trumbo was a motion picture screenwriter, blacklisted by Hollywood in the 1940's and 50's. I found this movie to be a compelling watch and learned a great deal about Hollywood during this time period 8/10 Rev 326

Hayley K (fr) wrote: I love me some Chucky. When I was a kid this movie creeped me out. Probably because Chucky looked a lot like my Cabbage Patch doll. Also, I can never get enough young Chris Sarandon. An 80's classic.