Rave Macbeth

Rave Macbeth

This movie is a loose adaptation of the Shakespeare play "MacBeth", except it's set in the world of the dance rave culture.

This movie is a loose adaptation of the Shakespeare play "MacBeth", except it's set in the world of the dance rave culture. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The N (us) wrote: ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzz

Sam P (gb) wrote: I have to admit, I haven(TM)t really listened to any songs of Serge Gainsbourg, and knew nothing of him, so I didn(TM)t know what to expect. I thought it would also be a very basic biopic, very normalised. Instead, it created a world similar to the graphic novel it was based on, with a big giant walking head as an invisible character to Serge, as well as a Serge-esque character with long fingers and a huge nose, both characters tying into the mind frame of the character.From what I know (granted not much), the actors got the style of their real life characters correctly, and each character felt rich and realistic, not an easy act to commit in such a film, so hats off to the actors themselves. The plot streamlines a lot of Gainsbourg(TM)s life but does it in a believable and workable way. The style of the film is almost dream-esque at times, but works really well, and despite it not being my type of film, I(TM)d actually watch it again, which is a big compliment.

noodle o (ru) wrote: krause and martin carried film like lacrosse ball in their lacrosse stx. dont be fooled by who is poor, who is wealthy, who has it all and who doesnt. loved the story.

Shane C (es) wrote: not bad, fairly good .. could have been better... keeps your interest though. the actor playing the maniac does a good job in that role. creepy fucker and does really good job with the irish dub accent. i thought he actually was irish the actor till i checked him out on google. hes actually aussie. not everyone who isnt irish can do an accent like that.

Jake H (gb) wrote: One of the best fighting movies I've seen yet. Not the best movie ever though.

Lewis E (us) wrote: Considering Paul Rudd's Paul Crud performance, the clich narrative and comedy scenarios as dead as the stuffed rodents in the story, this appears to be a movie that no one should give two schmucks about.

Carla M (ca) wrote: A real feel good movie..made me cry.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: An interesting doc that ties in the social events that lead to some of the greatest American horror films of the seventies. For those well versed in the horror genre, there is nothing that new here, but it s a very interesting watch.

jeremy (nl) wrote: this movie is pure genious, you have to be in the mood to watch it but once you get it started theres no better movie. the writing is exceent and ethan hawke's directorial debut has made me longing for his next film. the original score by Jeff Tweedy and Glen Kotch is brilliant and mezmorizing. it goes perfectly with the movie. i give this movie 10 out of 10 with out a doubt :fresh:

Hiroakis M (au) wrote: Basically, I'm a big fan of Angelopoulos. This is my favorite. Only one thing, I would like to say about this movie. Bruno Ganz is a good actor but should have been replaced by Greek actor.

Cole W (ag) wrote: A great example of a boring sequel that feels rush but there are some interesting moments for film lovers. But I thought villains intentions can get more stupid until I saw this

Tony P (ru) wrote: After a disappointing day elsewhere what better way to chill out than a bit of indulgence in eighties slasher horrors!This straight to video film on release has all the elements of the genre including plenty of blood. (It's not cranberry sauce is the tagline).The music score reminds me of films like Halloween with its mix of electronic synthesiser and piano chords.Some of the gruesome effects are original including seeing a slice of the brain. I digress.The early eighties video release had a small cinematic release in the late eighties as Nightmare at Shadow Woods.

Laura M (gb) wrote: This is a movie that lives up to the hype and exceeded my expectations.

Jonathan L (nl) wrote: So help me me. So help you you?!

Cassie H (ag) wrote: A much deserved sequel to the first movie :) Barbara again amazes us with her amazing acting & singing skills :) This is another amazing marvel in film history :) James Caan is also incredibly exceptional in this movie as Fanny's love interest :)

Martha A (gb) wrote: Another film i own on VHS

Brian R (gb) wrote: Have you ever watched those film that you really wanted to love so much but can't because it was so badly made? Well this is one of them. "Dead Of Winter" was directed by Arthur Penn who made some really good movies back in his day (The Left Handed Gun, The Miracle Worker, Bonnie & Clyde, Alice's Restaurant, Little Big Man, Night Moves, Four Friends) makes a crappy Hitchcock-like picture (well actuall it's a remake of the 1945 film "My Name Is Julia Ross") and the results is boring and badly laughable. The movie stars Mary Steenburgen who plays three roles in the film. An unidentified woman (who reminded me of the getup Karen Black wore in Hiitchcock's "Family Plot") drives to a train station on New Year's Eve to retrieve a bag full of cash. Later that night, she is strangled, and her left ring finger is removed. The story fwds to NYC. Katie McGovern (Mary Steenburgen) is a struggling actress who lives with her husband Rob Sweeney (William Russ) and her brother Roland (Mark Malone). At an audition, Katie meets Mr. Murray (Roddy McDowall) and hires her immediately. The pair drive upstate into a raging snow storm. When they arrive at the home of Dr. Joseph Lewis (Jan Rube), he greets Katie from his wheelchair. He gives her a tour of the house, including two big stuffed polar bears. Katie asks to use the phone to call Rob but finds it has no dial tone. Dr. Lewis explains that Katie has been hired to replace Julia Ross an actress who had a nervous breakdown during a film shoot. The following day, Mr. Murray tries to drive Katie into town to make her phone call, but his car will not start. Mr. Murray then cuts and dyes Katie's hair to match the photos of Julia. Katie asks him how he met Dr. Lewis. Mr. Murray explains that Dr. Lewis was his psychiatrist. The shoot goes well. Katie's lines are all about the attack seen at the beginning of the film. Back at the house, she demands to know what is going on. Dr. Lewis pretends her imagination is running wild. Katie thhen gets drugged after drinking hot chocolate Mr. Murray gave to her. When Katie awake she sees that her left third finger has been removed. She manages to call Rob and tries to tell him that two men is trying to kill her. The rest of the plot involves crazy devices of how Katie could have easily escaped while being a victim, the terrible dead body of ulia Ross (the filmmakers could have at least make it look real) and the funniest and most ridiculous scene involving two dumb founded cops who sees nothing wrong with Katie's fingers being sliced off. This is terrible filmmaking and probably should have been made for TV instead. I was also thinking, well, would Arthur Penn's film worked better in b&w? Who knows. I guess i'm really picky here because I was expecting a perfect thriller in the realms of "Night Moves" but I got...the dreadful "Dead Of Winter" instead.

Alex R (it) wrote: I liked this movie Higgins from My Fair Lady is in this as Dr. Dolittle and this one is way better than the Eddie Murphy Dr. Dolittle. Also I've done some research on this film and can you explain this critics of this movie got bad reviews can you explain how it got nominated for an Oscar for best picture so it's either the academy that is dumb(probably because Audrey Hepburn had a way greater performance in Wait Until Dark than Katherine Hepburn's performance in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner but Katherine Hepburn one even though Audrey won the BAFTA and Golden Globe for best actress in 1968 for Wait Until Dark but somehow Katherine Hepburn won the Oscar) or the critics are dumb which they probably are because The Dark Knight Mother fricking Rises deserves 96% instead of 87% also Breakfast at Tiffany's deserves 100% instead of 88% so you decide academy or critics?

Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 82%Saw this on 15/4/16It doesn't try to be Mel Gibson's Taken, doesn't let the action do the talking, but instead flows slowly and rather sensibly. Despite the somewhat formulaic set up, the film has enough affectionate moments and the key actors Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone shine. Edge of Darkness seems to be a more realistic depiction of a 'father who loves daughter so much' scenario molded in an action-thriller format.

Jack G (gb) wrote: one of the best ever, saw it on the big screen when I was in elementary school