The re-awakening of a seductive female vampire and the struggle of a lone vampire hunter who must overcome his desire for her in order to destroy her.

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Raven torrent reviews

Bob W (ag) wrote: De toda la hizo para las pelculas espaolas que he visto a Will Ferrell hacer, este es uno de ellos. Mejor lnea de la pelcula, "Mexico is the bestico!"

Brandon R (jp) wrote: Although this is not as good as its predecessor it still gets laughs and has some heart-felt emotions in it.

Cynthia S (kr) wrote: Deeeelightful!!! I am amazed at the lack of interest for this movie. I found it absolutely charming, quirky, and really well done.

Jason J (br) wrote: I usually quite like Thai action/martial arts movies but this one just isn't good enough and hasn't anything really to grab and hold your attention. The plot I found fairly dull about a young man seeking revenge on a dark wizard that killed his parents. The acting is generally awful and too camp and the fighting scenes involve too much wire work and are repetitive. However, not all of the fights are poor and one or two sequences saved this movie from being a total disaster but on saying that I really did want this movie to finish as I was starting to get bored. There are far better Thai martial arts movies out there for serious fans. Only watch this is you have time to waste otherwise don't bother.

Leigh E (fr) wrote: Absurdly good documentary.

Nicolas P (us) wrote: Por debajo de la primera y a la par en otros aspectos. Una secuela aceptable en historia y humor. Sin embargo fue poco innovadora y la imagen no fue fiel a la original.

Tim M (jp) wrote: It takes a lot for the Coen Bros to make a movie that isn't entertaining. 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' is engaging at times but it's very hit or miss. The cast is having fun which isn't unusual for a Coen flick, but it just didn't make me laugh and there were instances I was bored. Worthwhile for the performances and the supporting cast but we have come to expect better from Coen and Company. Final Score 5.7 of 10.

Liam U (es) wrote: Well... there's lots to say about Society. I don't even know where to begin. Very interesting, and a good amount of suspense is built and sustained. Quite Lynchian in places. Bizarre finale. Yeah, it's interesting.

David H (gb) wrote: A hillarious French Tragicomedy about a Couple who is unlucky married and live a Sad Life until a Charming Thief (Gerad Depardieu) cross their Life and seduce them both to Sex with him and mix up their Life

Knox M (ag) wrote: I've never been overwhelmingly impressed with this movie...

Rodney E (fr) wrote: I thought this was pretty good Gilliam early on in his directing career. Python enough to appease that humor taste buds and it has that goofy Gilliam charm along with a cool looking monster.

Alberto G (es) wrote: Oh, this was a riot! Straight from the theater of the absurd! There is not too much to waste reviewing this film because it's certified disaster movie crap. Then again, studios could get away with this in the 70's and 80's. Hell, Roland Emmerich still gets away with it today! Maybe he watched to many of these movies when he was on his early 20's.

Deke P (it) wrote: Really liked it ... then. Especially the denoument.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: The fourth Carry On film, and here they were starting to hit their stride with more confidence and the smutty humour was starting to come in more prominently. This was also the first Carry On film to star Sidney James, and while he was playing a more restrained, straight-man role compare to the sorts he would eventually play. It is still a very funny film with some good characters and smutty jokes. Due to a flu epidemic, a local police station ends up being badly understaffed, Sergeant Frank Wilkins (James) is under pressure to get more bobbies on the beat from his boss Inspector Mills (Eric Barker). 4 new recruits come straight from the police training school. They are PC Stanley Benson (Kenneth Williams), PC Tom Potter (Leslie Phillips), Constable Charlie Constable (Kenneth Connor) and Special Constable Timothy Gorse (Charles Hawtrey), who are absolutely inept and bumbling. Their antics get Wilkins' blood pressure up, and it tests Mills patience even further, but a stroke of blind luck leads to them following the leaders of a wages robbery to their hideout. It's a very silly film, but it does have a lot of the regulars that would come back time and again in future Carry On films, while it would have been a lot naughtier if it had been made 10 years later, it was pretty risque for it's time, but it's still a very funny film, and there's a lot of wordplay and misunderstandings.

Isaias D (br) wrote: Impeccable performances, Great directing, funny and smart.

Randy Y (ag) wrote: Nice story of Coach Carter and his efforts to develop quality people thru basketball in a community where most are expected to fail. Good character development, decent pacing and inspiring messages. Always fun watching a movie about coaching styles ;)

Kyle M (kr) wrote: Funny, but not enough to beat their previous Vacation. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Ron B (kr) wrote: Based upon a James Joyce story. Directed by John Huston. At times funny, morose, wise and soulful. A great American art film. There are more beautiful moments in any ten minutes of this film than ten other combined.