Raven's End

Raven's End

In the middle of this film, about the working class in pre-world war II Sweden, is Anders who wishes to become an author. His father who is a notorious dreamer and liar, and his mother, who struggles to keep their family alive.

An aspiring young writer lives in a bleak working class block in the late 1930's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Raven's End torrent reviews

Dax S (nl) wrote: Very good reenactment of the actual 2009 event.

Yva S (it) wrote: It's not just the font, but the beauty of design.

Velika N (kr) wrote: sekoj komentar e suvisen cssssss

John H (ca) wrote: It's great as an Amercan neo-realist film in the style of both the Italians and Cassavetes, but its storyline is a tad too uneventful.

Andrew P (es) wrote: Interesting movie, but I just found it to be okay, nothing great though.

Rodney E (fr) wrote: Ed Harris is very good in this and brings Jackson Pollock and his paintings to life. The movie feels like it was set in the time period. I enjoyed this.

Carlos M (mx) wrote: Bjrk is magnificent in a very demanding performance, acting and singing in this grim and devastating musical tragedy that can be really difficult for some people to watch, but no one can deny that it is incredibly thought-provoking and emotionally compelling.

jason a (mx) wrote: You can watch this movie over and over again!

Jake P (br) wrote: Steven Seagal's best movie. He's actually pretty cool in this movie, breaking people's arms and whatnot.

Andy P (fr) wrote: Yeah, it's not great, but this cheesy and ridiculous B grade horror film stars Jennifer Aniston, in her film debut, fighting off a killer Leprechaun. So, even though it's bad, if you like stupid campy horror, like I do, then check it out! It's not exactly terrible, but what do you expect with a plot like that? Have fun!

William B (gb) wrote: The movie starts off well enough but starts to lose control and then derails completely at the beginning of the final act to the point where we were pointing out massive plot holes and bad story points. The only way we can discern that this movie is certified fresh is if every single reviewer left before the end of the film.

Kevin C (fr) wrote: Unnerving and at times brilliant film, from the always interesting Kaufman. Anomalisa is an animation about a lonely man on a business trip - on the verge of a nervous breakdown, we are invited to enjoy or recoil from his fantasies (at times both). The stop-motion puppetry only adds wonder and a hint of strangeness.It's impossible to review this film without mentioning the sex scene, perhaps the most realistic ever on screen? This has brief highs, and can be soaringly sad - grown-up, intelligent film-making.