Raving Iran

Raving Iran

Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Tired of hiding from the police and their stagnating career, they organize one last manic techno rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert. Back in Tehran they try their luck selling their illegally printed music album without permission. When Anoosh is arrested, there seems to be no hope left. But then they receive a phone call from the biggest techno festival in the world. Once landed in Switzerland, the haze of the instant euphoria evaporates quickly when the seriousness of the situation starts to dawn on them.

Two DJ's in Tehran are battling to play the music they love and set up dance parties. Local regime does not look well at harbingers of western culture of decay so
the protagonists need to do big decisions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tiago C (br) wrote: Filme simptico e bem humano. Apesar de a histria e os acontecimentos serem clichs, o filme possui qualidades como a fotografia.Um filme sincero.

Duncan K (nl) wrote: I am really beginning to tire of these adaptations of Spark's trash.

Alex B (ca) wrote: The best movie in the entire world. Mostly because I love Gackt and Hyde, but it's amazing nonetheless.

Nathan M (de) wrote: Or the One Where Steve Guttenberg Wears Really Short Shorts and Wilford Brimley Gets Busy...Honestly, I found this film to be a little too silly for my taste. I know it's one of those 80's classics, and I'm not denying that there's some value here. However, Ron Howard's take on the sci-fi genre just doesn't work for me. It's not that the special effects are cheesy, if there's anything to complain about there, it's more about the art design. We've seen better aliens in Close Encounters.Unfortunately, Howard seems unable to really balance the adventure side of the sci-fi genre with, the best part of the film, the deep emotional investigation into the psyche of people growing old. What works the best in this film is seeing these veteran actors get some solid parts to work in. Howard does great showing what these characters are going through as they struggle to grow old, and struggle with unexpected youth. The reflection on death, youth, and growing old is something that was pretty remarkable.Unfortunately, it's undercut by Steve Guttenberg's storyline, that is completely unnecessary, and this alien (I want to say subplot, but it's not) plot line that seems a little ridiculous. In the end, there is something of value in Cocoon, but it's not as great as I'd heard.

Walter M (jp) wrote: "Act of God" is a moderately interesting documentary that seeks to explore the differences in faith and science by talking to people who have been struck by lightning.(That's not to mention the museum in France devoted to lightning strikes.) They discuss how their lives have been changed, maybe not so much in a physical manner, but in a spiritual way. While some question why they survived and others did not, others had something along the lines of a near death experience. And as in anything, there are no easy answers.

Harrison W (br) wrote: Well made movie about some crazy assholes. Kinda slow once you get the idea. Maybe a bit too heavy and hard to see all any good in the characters.

Heather M (jp) wrote: Fiennes and Lopez were adorable in this light hearted chick flick with the happily ever after ending.