Raw Deal

Raw Deal

In this film noir classic, a revenge-seeking gangster (Dennis O'Keefe) is sent to prison after being framed for a crime he didn't commit. After seducing a beautiful young woman, he uses her to help him carry out his plot for vengeance, leading him to the crazy pyromaniac (Raymond Burr) who set him up.

Joe Sullivan is itching to get out of prison. He's taken the rap for Rick, who owes him $50 Grand. Rick sets up an escape for Joe, knowing that Joe will be caught escaping and be shot or ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan S (ru) wrote: -10/10. Worst movie ever

Chris M (br) wrote: It was a very funny, very great and very entertaining Pixar animated short. It had amazing animation, really great voice cast, great music, great characters, really great visuals, lots of laughs and a very fun storyline. It's one of the best Pixar shorts of 2011. I've seen this movie before "Cars 2." I will recommend this movie to Toy Story fans of all ages.

Arandeep S (ag) wrote: Had it's moments (i in particular liked the parts with Clive ,the Oriental student who wants the protagonist to break the rules because he failed physics,and his father which i found hilarious) but was mostly boring. There were other humourous moments also. However i personally felt like it was a bit pretentious with little meaning to some of the things of going on. Maybe i will have to watch it again to see if i can figure out some of them.

Brandon Y (gb) wrote: Better than the two films that preceded it, due mostly to the two leads. Still not a particular good movie by any stretch but harmlessly straightforward and fun for fans of vampires and werewolves.

Derek J (ca) wrote: some critics might attribute this role as part of ching wan's "decline" but i disagree. he is the MOST underrated actor who proves extremely versatile. gigi shows she belongs a- nd will become a bigger star in this very funny comedy!! (=

Andr D (it) wrote: El director Alex Proyas, el mismo de "The Crow" y "Dark City", deja de lado el ambito de lob sobrenatural para dirigir una pequena pero maravillosa cinta dedicada a todos aquellos que suenan con tener una banda de rock y lograr el estrellato... o por lo menos tocar en un escenario decente. Todos los actores se destacan y la direccion de Proyas logra reunir lo mejor de "The Full Monty", "The Commitments" y "Trainspotting" en un mismo escenario.

Kylie B (it) wrote: Blah. It looks clunky, but attractive in a kind of way that only unrefined computer graphics can. The character designs are alluring, but the script is so poor that even the pretty explosions can't keep me happy. It was adapted from a cartoon/manga strip, and it shows in the fact that action scenes or 'plot' points come like the domino effect. And why is Ingrid Pitt given high billing when she (or her voice) is barely in it - to market this, I feel. Still, the DVD is partly redeemed by a Synthetic music video. I still feel cheated as I expected so much more.

Kyle S (ag) wrote: Mariah Carey's venture into movies wasn't met with "Glitter" but more like "Boo's" and induced snoozes. A train wreck of epic proportions matched only by her then-recent breast implants. She should stop living in a 'fantasy' that she can act and stick to singing.

Sara M (ca) wrote: Almost as good as the stage play.I wanted to strangle the sister in-law. Gallagher was great!

M C (fr) wrote: As the unofficial Creepshow 3 (it's Tales from the Darkside only by name) this movie tops part 2, very close to part 1. It's a creepy old fashioned horror film, resembling a much more twisted '50s-'60s anthology horror flick. 70/100

Joanna N (es) wrote: The leads are exceptional in this unconventional but convincing romance.

Joel A (mx) wrote: A clever but uneven murder mystery set on a remote island just off England. Where 10 people are summoned for no reason but are responsible for some heinous crimes that went unpunished.Unfortunately the film gives little clues which does make it difficult to engage as the film progresses. The film boasts some terrific talent such as Barry Fitzgerald & Walter Huston to name a few.It's well made but has a few holes here & there, the ending was a genuine twist but a little unsatisfying for my liking.

Brad S (mx) wrote: Great film. This is the second of six films in the "Thin Man" series, and it's one of the best. The writing is great, very funny stuff. The cast is also excellent, including a young Jimmy Stewart in one of his earliest roles. Highly recommended!

Vicci O (ag) wrote: Poignant and funny and a wonderful insight into family politics! The black and white and slow pace added to the impact by stripping out distractions from just a gentle funny story.

Ken T (it) wrote: A great historic film. The interplay of the characters are great. Rock is Rock but George is the real actor playing a German Jew fighting with the SIG. I think this is the first "old war" movie with no love interest... and please, no Rock jokes.

Ben L (ru) wrote: When you combine two of the greatest actresses of their time in one film you have to know it is going to be a tour-de-force of acting. Bette Davis is unhinged as Jane, but manages to maintain a logical foundation in the performance that makes it clear where this psychosis has come from. There's some serious complexity to pulling off a role where we simultaneously hate her and yet see that she isn't without any moral compass at all. Meanwhile Joan Crawford is equal parts sympathetic and scared. She also has a moment or two in the film that show depth in her character beyond those obvious traits, and that is when you can see the quality of her performance up to that point. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane utilizes a lot of techniques you typically find in horror films from that era, and it builds tension throughout. I thought there were some moments where the film got a bit far-fetched, and the level of melodrama almost strayed into the realm of comedy for me. These flaws didn't break the film, but it kept me from loving it. In many ways What Ever Happened to Baby Jane is structured similar to Misery, and I expected it would be even more intense because the lead characters were siblings. But there were enough minor things that didn't work for me that this film didn't quite rise to the level of that masterpiece. However, it is still a well-made film with a couple of legendary actresses trying to outdo one another and we get to reap the benefits of watching those performances. So I have to recommend it!

Sarah W (ag) wrote: A love story you could watch over and over again, but sadly nothing close to The Notebook.