Raw Edge

Raw Edge

A Texan arrives in Oregon and seeks justice for his innocently-hanged brother

In 1842 lawless Oregon, a gunfighter seeks vengeance when his innocent brother is lynched and his beautiful Indian wife is claimed by the local tyrant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Raw Edge torrent reviews

Maheswar R (jp) wrote: Amazingly insane entertainment .

Lisa S (fr) wrote: I realize there is LIMITED material for evangelicals...but this movie is steaming offal...to be avoided at ALL costs. Save your money. Look for a "primitive" christian church and attend their service...you will encounter LESS proselytizing...this one should carry a warning that it will in fact try to "educate" you...and if you don't happen to be Christian, you won't make it through the first five minutes.

JP E (gb) wrote: never heard of it...

Vinny N (es) wrote: Lubricious jousting Mesmerizing macedoine Ravishing mystique

Shawn L (ag) wrote: Great story and a superior soundtrack. Hans Zimmer and Bryan Adams did a fantastic job in their own unique styles.

Morris N (ca) wrote: Good, not great. Mainly worth seeing for Jason Robards excellent performance as Doc Holliday and the stylized touches in the cinematography. The famous gunfight is probably depicted more accurately here than in any version I've seen. They had the makings of an excellent movie and felt obliged to tack a trite Hollywood ending on it. Tombstone is better.

Jake P (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies

James H (fr) wrote: Dolph Lundgren nonsense, way over the top. The plot is stupid, the characters are cold and unappealing. The only thing it has going for it is some good photography and special effects.

Iw S (de) wrote: Jak zwykle - raz obejrzysz wydanie rozszerzone i wydanie podstawowe nie bedzie mialo sensu...