Raw Youth

Raw Youth

The movie follows students at Hauketo Continuation School the last months before the exams.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:interview,  

The movie follows students at Hauketo Continuation School the last months before the exams. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Raw Youth torrent reviews

Daniel O (de) wrote: Though the movie's low budget is quite evident, and the acting is only mediocre, the storytelling, along with the story itself is blissfully ominous. The film is quite original and extremely ambitious, for which I applaud it.

Somil K (gb) wrote: Very Well Directed. Good performances by all the characters. The Music is a big plus point & the title song rocks.... Overall a nice movie to watch

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: "My papa used to say...that dog wont hunt son, not in these woods."-Cowboy Jack (Charles Wesley) Decent attempt of a crime drama/mystery, but lacks style...in my opinion.

Tarja M (kr) wrote: Tunti retkeily ja turinointia, sitten 10min. silpomista ja paloittelua. Tydellisen turha leffa.

Tony A (mx) wrote: Why can't they make more movies like this? More realistic play not only on the life of Chinese Americans but all background played with humor as Christopher Wang ( as if he's the early version of Knicks Jeremy Lin) deals with stereotypes and family generation gap. All my Chinese friends should not miss this out.

Jefferson L (mx) wrote: Viggo Mortenson's Russian accent alone, was Oscar worthy. Well executed and all of the performances were stellar. I have always been a big fan of the "tainted-hero" stories. Where the good guys and bad guys are separated by a very thin line, often times unrecognizable.

Harry T (fr) wrote: Great setting--kept me from being bogged down in a rather simplified story. The ending, as to be expected, was a let-down and the acting was rather wooden on several occasions.

preeti (au) wrote: it was kinda boring ecaone started to die!

Sean P (ru) wrote: This movie has always have been and always will be one of my favorite movies of all time. Ever since I first saw it back in 2001 until now. Anytime I watch this movie, or even hear a snippet from the soundtrack it almost breaks me down. Released in October of 2001 and directed by Irwin Winkler, this film tells the story of a man diagnosed with a terminal disease and how, with the little time he has left, he tries to connect with his son and wife before he goes. This movie is beautifully cast with Kevin Kline as the lead along with Kristin Scott Thomas, Hayden Christensen (pre Anakin Skywalker), Jena Malone, Mary Steenburgen and even a small role from Scott Bakula. Everybody involved brings their absolute A-game here. From the direction to the score, it's all what every film should strive to be. I'd almost say it's as perfect as a modern film as we can get. This is the kind of movie that I'd imagine an actor gets a script and can't put it down until the very end. The kind of script they call their agent right back and tell them they have to be a part of this. I can remember driving down the highway and listening to this score on CD, shortly after my wife passing away. I remember the themes of this film and I remember that while life can hurt, it can also be so amazing. This is the kind of film that I will always be able to watch, no matter what age I am. I will always remember how real everything here felt. The performances by the cast were nothing less than perfect. Even Hayden Christensen is here in his most teen-angsty but if fist the story perfectly. I almost feel that if he hadn't done the Star Wars prequel films he'd have turned out all right. I can't recommend this movie enough for anybody with teenagers or actually, anybody at all. Such an amazing film that touches on life and death in a way movies rarely do. It really is such an honest look and love and family, an amazing film.

Jordan A (us) wrote: Seann William Scott makes this movie worth watching. He is hot. Other than that the movie was good too. It had me on the edge of my seat.

Kevin S (de) wrote: I think Loose Cannons is a perfect example of a action/comedy film. With Gene Hackmans wisecracks, Dan Aykroyd being a schizo, and Dom Deluise being goofy you really can't lose. Hackman and Akroyd are mismatched partners. When there is a bunch of murders they get teamed up. Hackmans wisecracks in this movie are so good you can't help but laugh. Akroyd plays the schizophrenic who sometimes out of nowhere loses it. And when he does get ready to laugh big time. Now also add Dom Deluise who the bad guy's are out to get. He is pretty funny here too. To me that is a comedic star studded cast. You are well entertained through the whole movie and will find yourself laughing numerous times. Suspense and comedy collide in this epic caper Loose Cannons.

Per L (ca) wrote: The extremely intelligent butler orangutan did it. Not Terence Stamp's proudest moment.

Lee K (kr) wrote: Unfortunatly it takes the death of an actor/actress for some people to actually take notice of their career and work. I fyou are one of those poeple doing so with Farrah r.i.p. this should be the movie you watch. Farrah delivers a powerhouse performance as a battered wife who gets pushed too far. Good supporting cast as well expecially from Paul Lemat as her abusive spouse. A must see!

Jordan K (us) wrote: Love this movie. So many stars in this one. GREAT Music.

Jens L (kr) wrote: Technically not impressive due to todays standards westworld counts were most movies nowadays fail...the story ...and maybe the lack of nowadays gigantism let it shine even brighter...think about it

Brenda C (es) wrote: una garcha, desde el principio al fin, una verguenza que sigan haciendo estas peliculas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vaughan A (mx) wrote: so bad it's strangely good

Bill B (kr) wrote: Crossed what I believe might be my first Douglas Sirk film off the List Of Shame, and I have to say that I rather enjoyed it, even heavy-handed and judgmental as most of the characters came off. The melodrama is something of a blind-spot for me, and this seemed like a great way to start remedying that.Well worth a rental.

Marcin N (de) wrote: Disney's beginning of XXI century is thought to be the era of its decline. Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise's "Atlantis - The Lost Empire" somehow accounts for that statement - but only somehow, since it rather proves that Disney, even at the shrink of its filmmaking shape, can come up with worthy releases.The movie follows the story of Milo Thatch, a clumsy, but clever linguist trying to prove the existence of the all-time legend - the Atlantis. Due to a rather rushed beginning, we can learn very little before we set off to the soon-to-be unforgettable adventure - only that, you guessed it, nobody really believes Milo who is thought to be just as moonstruck as his deceased grandfather. To avoid further spoilers, I'll be straight - the movie has its ups and downs. When it comes to character creation, the pace of action and the dialogues it shines brighter than Atlantis' crystal. The movie falls short, however, in terms of plot consistency, further development of well-introduced characters and the animation - the latter simply hasn't changed that much since 1990, marking 10-years-period of developmental stagnation. "Atlantis..." is also predictible as heck and doesn't try to be way too out of the adventure-movies mould -passionate scientist overwhelmed by his money-thirsty comrades? We've heard that before, Disney. Harsh though it may sound, it doesn't change the fact I enjoyed watching "Atlantis...", simply because it's not a bad movie. It just feels more like it deserves a bronze medal in the animated releases competition - and that, considering Disney is its definitive favourite, leaves the audience slightly disappointed.

Elena L (gb) wrote: Am I the only one, who just can't like this movie? It's supposed to be witty satire with some drama features and even a make over, but for me it just shows like a rom com box office.