Raza brava

Raza brava

Kunta is a "barrabrava" (Football fanatic followers) that remained paraplegic after a fight. In spite of this, nothing matters for him any more than to recover his life and to return to the...

Kunta is a "barrabrava" (Football fanatic followers) that remained paraplegic after a fight. In spite of this, nothing matters for him any more than to recover his life and to return to the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mortea R (nl) wrote: It was great. I Loved this flick from start to finish. Just a little long.

Ludovic D (ru) wrote: trs fin, belle prformance de Dubosc dans ce film

Bradley H (us) wrote: I have never been much of a J.D. Salinger fan, but this enlightening documentary made me want to read all of his work.

Armando P (ru) wrote: A man movie, a movie any guy would enjoy.

Kevyn F (kr) wrote: Skip it and go to the sequel.

Par T (kr) wrote: A superb and effective short story (and later novel) by Daniel Keyes, that could never be quite adapted to film either in the 2000 or the 1968 (Charly) versions.

Philip V (de) wrote: Mickey and Van Damme.....what else is there to say. Hell yeah! Although, Rodman wasn't needed the movie was still great and very entertaining.

Brandon S (br) wrote: So I am picking these movies at random and I have already gotten 3 Stuart Gordon movies, each one was the first time seeing it. This guy is a Horror genius, he really knows his stuff. He is really on spot with putting Jeffery Combs in each film too, alongside Barbara Crampton. This guy is running up the list of my favorite horror directors. Not only is this the third Stuart Gordon movie that i have watched like in the last month, this is the third H.P. Lovecraft one too (This is Lovecraftian right?) Jeffery Combs and Barbara Crampton are married and they have/had two kids one of them is dead and one of them is blind and its all Mr. Combs' fault. With the exception of the dead one, they go to this castle that he inherited and its creeeeppppyyy. Remember that episode of the Simpson's where Bart has a brother hidden away in the attic and it eats fish heads? Well this is just like that but instead of fish heads its boobs... You heard it. Boobs... So if you really like HP Lovecraft you will really enjoy this one, on the other hand if you don't this really wouldn't be for you. Its not one of Stuart Gordon's best in fact it might be one of his most mediocre attempts at film making but it is nonetheless pretty damn gory. 5.5 out of 10! You should confer with your court appointed law expert! Sid

Michael M (br) wrote: Terry, stick to wrestling.

MF J (ag) wrote: It's a good movie about a love story between two men set in the working class England from the 80's. The cast is doing a great job, the scenario avoids the cliche of the genre.

Tyler E (kr) wrote: Besides an exceptionally shocking ending, there's really not much else. The majority of Sleepaway Camp is standard fare for post-Friday the 13th slashers. [C+]

Demonic N (de) wrote: This looks really crap.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Frankie and Annette hit the beach again. This time they are joined by millionaire Keenan Wynn who wants to prove that his pet monkey chimp is smarter than teenagers. There's also Timothy Carey as a scary dude, Boris Karloff in a cameo appearance, Little Stevie Wonder and series regulars Harvey Lembeck and Don Rickles. You can't really review these films separately. It's pretty hard to distinguish one from the other, so if you liked another one of the Beach Party films, you'll probably like this one too.

Mark D (it) wrote: Silly comedy with zany energy, if not big laughs. But Marion Davies is certainly a great movie star that sells the material.

Johnathan Z (mx) wrote: And this is how you kill off a franchise.

Sanjay T (br) wrote: Interesting racing film, yet intense!

Stephen M (jp) wrote: It was one of those good bad films that was entertaining and so obviously dumb to continue watching.

Gman H (gb) wrote: I'm late to the party one this one. This got recommended to me recently. There are some really funny moments, just not enough of them. Great job from Kayvan Novak. [6/10]

Tristin B (us) wrote: I don't understand why this rated so bad. It seems like any movie that isn't 90% overdown special effects these days means it's a bad movie. So many critics saying it was too slow, I mean heaven forbid a movie has a plot and spends time to flush out it's characters and it's story. Wasn't the best movie I have ever seen, but it was very entertaining and I would totally watch a sequel if it came out. If you like revenge movies you will love this film.

Joseph T (es) wrote: Basically you're "paint by numbers" Inspirational Sports movie but surprisingly fun & rather well done.