Razorblade City

Razorblade City

In a city plagued by violence, drugs, and murder, three people fight there way through a gauntlet of the worst and most fascinating characters in the city.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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In a city plagued by violence, drugs, and murder, three people fight there way through a gauntlet of the worst and most fascinating characters in the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler A (au) wrote: do not mess with a man's dog.

Li N (de) wrote: Looks adorable :) I love polar bears

James D (kr) wrote: Drifted in and out of consciousness when I watched it in the cinema

Jeremy B (us) wrote: All the animation was horrible, the jokes were way off, hated the puns. Everything about it is the reason why Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Touchstone, or any other animation studios won't make the mistake Foodfight! did. I'm glad it got the lowest box office of all time. It's horrible. God-awful. Need I say more?

Collin P (fr) wrote: While not perfect, American Psycho is an entertaining thriller that has some nice satirical scenes directed at materialism and other rich people gimmicks.

Chris C (au) wrote: Not sure if my favorite part of the movie is the spaceship with breasts or the space cowboy rocking a rebel flag on his spaceship. Pure 80's cheeeeez

Priyu K (de) wrote: i don't know why this movie got such horrible reviews, its really pretty good, the acting is totally corny, and the script substance less, but i think it taps into a rebellious spirit that makes sense - the central character has no demands, neither do the filmmakers, they're merely rebelling for the energy of rebelling, and the hatred of a purpose, which ok why not. visually, the movie is not the piece of shit pauline kael said it was, definitely not a masterpiece, but pretty good none the less. i think everyone tries to hold antonioni up to some expectation w every movie which is why bergman and others periodically bitch about how 'he had potential' or some crap, and he's against that tenfold. he's good and he knows it. i support him.on the other hand cavett's interview of the actors in this film is flat out hilarious

a (kr) wrote: Sherlock Holmes in the 1940's?!? Why should that work? I'll tell you why. Because of Basil Rathbone, that's why! Nigel Bruce is perhaps a bit too silly for the Watson we know from the books, but he's got charm and grows on you if you just watch one or two of the Sherlock films they made.

Emily N (fr) wrote: This is one of the best films I have ever seen out of the 1970's and compared to all the over rated crappy "masterpieces" that professional film critics verbally ejaculate over, I have to say to all those highly over rated themselves film critics that you emperors have no clothes. Maybe I'm too much of a Bicentennial Baby with all my Gen-X honesty telling you, the older generation that this is one of those movies made to be appreciated by a later generation able to appreciate what Bogdanovich was trying to convey. Some of the 1970's is still good, some of it is stale crap, highly over rated cliched drivel. And then you have this film: it looks good now but it had to wait for a few decades to go by for a much younger audience to appreciate it. Just like what Woody Allen did with "Everyone Says I Love You" and that was the same premise and that film was unfairly ripped a new one like this film. And guess what? People with high IQs who just like a simple, care free musical love these films. They're called "musicals": you might want to have an open mind watching them next time. Musicals don't need car chases or explosions or female nudity or squibs squirting red corn syrup stage blood everywhere. I just want to see a nice film from 1975 from a talented director showing his girlfriend at the time singing and dancing with Burt Reynolds and the late, amazing Madeleine Kahn and some Italian guy with a great voice and the valet from "Magnum P.I." and "Zandra" from the sitcom "Will & Grace." I loved the singing and dancing and art direction. If you don't like how some of us Gen-X-ers turned out in what we like cinematically then don't blame us: we're not the generation that created Disco; we're the generation that recovered from the mistakes of previous generations. So, cut us a break and just let us watch our Bogdanovich musicals in peace why don't you?Now, Mr. Bogdanovich: stop being an over dramatic drama queen about "At Long Last Love" it's a great movie in my opinion and my opinion to me means much more than the lives and welfare of any pompous, delusional film critic. Just send those jerks to a penal colony for all I care. And for crying out loud, release it on Blu-Ray considering you cowered about releasing it on other formats all throughout my lifetime. Thank God you finally released it on streaming video. give future audiences a chance to think and judge for themselves your work. Film critics ruin film for other people.

Y S (de) wrote: After watching Elizabeth Olsen in her mainstream movies, I decided to watch this movie 100% For Academic Purposes. I can neither confirm nor deny that she strips topless in this movie

Leong C (ru) wrote: Pretty good mob flick, based on a true event...

Jacky L (kr) wrote: the least enjoyable atom egoyan so far, felt like he tried to take on a lil bit too much here. not too compelling a watch.